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      Complaints and Inquires   04/02/2018

      Hi all, It's come to my attention that Complaints and Inquires are ending up in the wrong place. If you have a Complaint or Inquiry (e.g- A Staff Member, a ban etc) please contact @Husky or contact us at our email at [email protected] Kind Regards,
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  1. Still handling everything as usual.
  2. Selling LSRP & RCRP Money

    I'm happy to middleman for this.
  3. .

    I'm happy to middleman this.
  4. LS-RP poker scam?

    I don't think it's possible what with the system it has now.
  5. Hey, it's the best place to reach me yes.
  6. Hey, sure best place to reach me is Skype.
  7. Complain against Alex554

    Yes however the topic still remains down, due to the holidays it will take a little longer than normal to conclude this.
  8. Mid-range LSRP accounts for sale

    Topic has been updated.
  9. Complain against Alex554

    @Alex554 has 24 hours to respond.
  10. Mid-range LSRP accounts for sale

    New account added.
  11. Selling LS-RP account

  12. CALPIS is a scammer

    His accounts have been banned. I suggest people think carefully about what's been going on and seems to be continuing to go on lately.
  13. LSRPBUYER / $outhBentral

  14. LSRPBUYER / $outhBentral

    Thank you for the report. @LSPRBUYER has 24 hours to reply.


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