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  1. Weapons you should be a verified buyer for. Have you added me on Skype?
  2. can you get back to me on skype please

  3. Yes. Add me up on skype.
  4. You still have the same skype account or did it change?

  5. SA-MP vs Google, FIGHT!

    Surprised he's actually around enough to put in something like this lol.
  6. What the f#?! is going on around here lately. Some of these posts...

    1. Husky


      I've not read many - I better get digging. :D

    2. Lil mere

      Lil mere

      I've never noticed :D

    3. TheOnlyDroid


      I'm getting ready to drop the Ban Hammer on allot of these new accounts xD

  7. Shit admins on LSRP

    Some are cool, many I think have come to their senses that it's all a big pyramid scheme making one guy a lot of money...
  8. Selling SARP cash (many millions)

    It's not anymore, I'll close the topic.
  9. Just make sure it's typed EXACTLY.
  10. Selling Steam Acc. + LSRP Acc.

    Banned for attempting to scam
  11. I added you on skype, add me back

  12. Selling LSRP ANTI-AFK program

    Hi just add me on skype if you haven't already.
  13. Selling mid range LSRP accounts

  14. So... does multimart and real life mix..?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. $hustle


      Ok, yes, we all know that one does. You're up early.

    3. TheOnlyDroid


      I'm always up early xD

    4. Husky


      I've not ignored this status update. I just don't know how to respond to it. It's a great question. Although, a convention wouldn't be a bad idea to be honest.