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  1. $hustle

    $OG is a scammer

    As this occurred outside of our services it is no longer something we can handle I'm afraid. Please check the latest community announcement for full details.
  2. $hustle

    Blazin OG scammed me

    Closed, inactivity and this type of off-site report is no longer handled.
  3. $hustle

    Blazin OG scammed me

    Attempted to message him on discord but the message wouldn't go through for whatever reason. He's no longer on the Discord server. Any info of his paypal would be appreciated.
  4. $hustle

    Lalala Report

    Thankyou for the report. @Lalala has 24 hours to respond.
  5. $hustle

    Mid-range LSRP accounts for sale

    New account for sale!
  6. Hello, it is although I am slightly busy at the moment. Mostly available for middle-manning people's deals and larger deals at the moment.
  7. $hustle

    Selling LS-RP Cash.

    User's banned from LSRP.
  8. does ur ban evade handbook for non-dynamic IPs

    1. $hustle


      Yes it's for any situation

    2. Dro


      How much do you charge? plz dont do expensive

  9. $hustle

    dipro - Scammer

    User banned for scamming. Let us know how the dispute goes, thanks for the report.
  10. $hustle

    dipro - Scammer

    @dipro has 24 hours to respond.
  11. $hustle

    theboi - False prices

    Banned for scamming, thankyou for the report.
  12. $hustle

    theboi - False prices

    @theboi has 24 hours to respond.


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