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  1. I'm in search 4 money on lsrp.
    enough to buy me a garage, a luxury house, a ZR, an Elegy and a Blista Compact.
    I have the money (euros).

  2. Hey man I'm selling guns and money on LSRP please get back at me.

  3. Hey! I'm looking to sell one or two LSRP accounts, can you help me with that? 

    I don't know what kind of proof you need but I have absolutely no worries in using middleman if needed. I've been part of the LSPD twice, LSFD once and SASF once if that's some kind of proof. Just selling because I don't play the game anymore and I don't like to have stuff sitting there without generating any kind of value or fun for me.



  4. Hey Hustle,


    I would like to buy lsrp money. You selling? Or do you know anybody who sellin, and I can trust him?

  5. Hello i want to buy 3 millions contact me on pm.

  6. Hey. Could use a few mil on LS-RP. What's your rate?

  7. Yo, I need guns money and drugs

    Hit me back ASAP

  8. Hello, i am interested in money, guns and drugs.

    Can you send me your price sheet?

  9. Hello! I need a middleman urgent. Shall I add you in conversation with the guy who is selling?

  10. Hello, I need middleman for gun deals. What are fees?

  11. I wanna buy LS-RP money please help me :D

  12. Link me a  gtaw cash plug bruh

  13. Hey hustle, Panda Hacker and I have agreed to exchange £30 for the account listed in this thread 

    We need a middleman so that the transaction can be as smooth as possible, we want to do this deal, if you're available, by 1pm UK time tomorrow. Awaiting your reply and further instructions, thank you in advance. (Couldn't pm you)


  14. Hey for some reason it won't allow me to message you, I get " This users messages are not on"

  15. Hey, I'm looking to buy a namechange or a bronze donator for IG money, can you help me?

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