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  1. $hustle


    User has said he is banned from LSRP. Trades are meant to be conducted on site or we can't do anything about a scam.
  2. $hustle

    Selling LSRP cash cheap.

    Yes I've spoken with @Username123 and am happy to middleman.
  3. Yes still running, just Skype is the best way to make contact for it.
  4. $hustle

    Mid-range LSRP accounts for sale

    A new account is for sale that I am middlemanning
  5. $hustle


    I've agreed to middleman this!
  6. $hustle

    Mayans MC - September 4 (SoA Spin-off)

    Has anyone taken a look at it yet?
  7. $hustle

    Where does our future lead?

    Might be best to trim down on some of the scarcely used areas, like the film section, etc. Focus all them types of topics in general discussion.
  8. $hustle

    Assasino is a scammer

    Hello, as the scam occured offsite we are unable to help. We can only handle cases where the alleged scam took place directly on our site. Please be more careful in the future and remember to use a middleman.
  9. $hustle

    LS-RP Account/Cash for sale.

    I am happy to middleman this and secure the trade-off to keep the account safe for everyone.
  10. Still running of course. And I assure everyone: "It's all about respect, my man!"
  11. There's a payment processor that's been around for a few years now, it's basically a much better version of paypal. You used to be able to buy and send bitcoin on it too but they removed that feature a while ago. Instant payments, no fees or extremely small if there even are any. No bullshit limitations or holds/delays on payments. I think there is some minor form of verification/activation required in order to use a card on there, for obvious reasons. https://www.circle.com/en-gb/
  12. $hustle

    RCRP Cash

    Moved to virtual items in the SAMP section where this belongs.
  13. I've known @Meow1 for 2 years and he is a great guy, recommend trading with him.


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