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  1. Whats up dude you still the lsrp cash plug?

  2. What with you, I want do it transaction with middleman, I mean you

  3. I think he died..- RIP $Hustle T_T 

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    2. TheOnlyDroid


      Funnily enough; Not everyone can be on 24/7 to fit the needs of someone.

    3. alkiller00


      Funny how you mix IRL things with IRL money. Last time I checked he don't play LS:RP

    4. alkiller00


      Plus it been longer then 3 months. He retired.

  4. Where can I contact you I am interested in LSRP money.

  5. I need money hit me up

  6. I’m buying money, pm me if you got some 

  7. Damn g, waddup? You can sale to a nigga or what?

  8. I’m tryna get a house and song money. Send your discord.

  9. Hey im interested in buying a bulk. Are u available?

  10. Hey Hustle, I am interested in buying LS-RP money. Can we talk?

  11. Do you want to buy 5 mil?

  12. You still buying mills, got 2.2m in cash and a house along with like 7 ounces of coke.. quitting lsrp so wanna make some money.


  13. @varjaca can you please post proof of the payment?
  14. Hey, could you check your PMs? Hoping you can middle-man for us.

  15. Hello, many people seem to be unaware that our Terms of Service changed months ago. Soliciting off site communications to make trades is not permitted, punishments start with a 7 day ban and end at a permanent ban that will never be revoked. Please keep trades on site, we have a PM system. Please report anybody attempting to move trades off site.

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