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Status Updates posted by $hustle

  1. How's everyone's Christmas?

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    2. $hustle


      Oh no damn there's got to be some brightness!

    3. AllAboutTheMoneyLSRP


      You can bring me some brightness helping me sell some M's xD

    4. Ballu Miaa

      Ballu Miaa

      What's good! I'm back. Let me know if there is someone who wants something coded or scripted.

  2. Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. Husky


      You too buddy!

  3. What the f#?! is going on around here lately. Some of these posts...

    1. Husky


      I've not read many - I better get digging. :D

    2. Lil mere

      Lil mere

      I've never noticed :D

    3. TheOnlyDroid


      I'm getting ready to drop the Ban Hammer on allot of these new accounts xD

  4. So... does multimart and real life mix..?

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    2. $hustle


      Ok, yes, we all know that one does. You're up early.

    3. TheOnlyDroid


      I'm always up early xD

    4. Husky


      I've not ignored this status update. I just don't know how to respond to it. It's a great question. Although, a convention wouldn't be a bad idea to be honest.

  5. We lost out most users online stat! :o

    By the way is status updates replacing the shoutbox?

    1. Husky


      Most users online was probably influenced by bots. Shoutbox may be replaced in the future, but we'll see. There is a lot to do still.

    2. TheOnlyDroid


      Statuses Aren't replacing the Shoutbox, they never were... Its a feature that is intended to be used like Twitter and nothing more than like twitter.

  6. NICE update!

    And status updates, we facebook now?

    1. TheOnlyDroid


      Close enough yeah

    2. Husky


      And twitter. I'm following you now. 9_9

    3. Kapersky



      sincerely, the og

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