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  1. @varjaca can you please post proof of the payment?
  2. Hello, many people seem to be unaware that our Terms of Service changed months ago. Soliciting off site communications to make trades is not permitted, punishments start with a 7 day ban and end at a permanent ban that will never be revoked. Please keep trades on site, we have a PM system. Please report anybody attempting to move trades off site.
  3. Topic cleaned up. Keep trades on site and don't post abuse or you will be banned people.
  4. In our TOS soliciting off site communications for trades is specifically stated as disallowed. You both engaged in it so you'll both have to be punished for it, beyond that this complaint is closed as there is nothing relevant to the site.
  5. @Greed can you please provide pictures of the on site messages you both exchanged?
  6. Thanks for the feedback. And yes, still selling money and weapons.
  7. Sorry but the community complaints section is for topics relating to scams, however as it took place off site it is not something we handle.
  8. Hello guys thanks for using our platform, please remember that posting off site communications are no longer allowed though.
  9. How's everyone's Christmas?

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    2. $hustle


      Oh no damn there's got to be some brightness!

    3. AllAboutTheMoneyLSRP


      You can bring me some brightness helping me sell some M's xD

    4. Ballu Miaa

      Ballu Miaa

      What's good! I'm back. Let me know if there is someone who wants something coded or scripted.

  10. User has said he is banned from LSRP. Trades are meant to be conducted on site or we can't do anything about a scam.
  11. Yes I've spoken with @Username123 and am happy to middleman.
  12. Yes still running, just Skype is the best way to make contact for it.
  13. A new account is for sale that I am middlemanning
  14. I've agreed to middleman this!
  15. Might be best to trim down on some of the scarcely used areas, like the film section, etc. Focus all them types of topics in general discussion.
  16. Still running of course. And I assure everyone: "It's all about respect, my man!"
  17. Moved to virtual items in the SAMP section where this belongs.
  18. A new decent starting account is available, please contact me if interested.
  19. Here's the trailer, looking forward to this. Really hoping it's going to be a good show, it looked reasonable so far:

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