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  1. I haven't used that script whatsoever, get off my thread.
  2. You're thick dude, I'm not selling that script so don't jump to assumptions and tarnish my reputation because you literally have no idea what you're talking about. Anyone who previews the script and so on will be able to tell with ease that the script I'm selling here is not the same as that one (they can easily compare and see for themselves). Get off my thread.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm selling these two gamemodes in a package, I previously bought full rights to them and carried out essential bug fixes and no longer wish to pursue them any longer. The first script is a LSRP look-alike which offers many of the features you typically see in LSRP (and are designed in the same way), you can preview a live copy at samp.gta-prp.com:7777 The other script I bought from here, I have full rights to both scripts and wish to sell them on & will erase them from my PC upon purchase. I will be selling them in a package at £40 (effectively £20 per script, I paid £40 for the price of one of these). You get full rights to the scripts and will be the only person in possession of them. I expect payment upfront and then the scripts will be delivered following the purchase, I've dealt with countless people and always go first when buying scripts and only expect the same back, to build some trust with myself you can also consult Seanny to check that I am a legitimate dealer. This will be a one time sale and that is final.
  4. He got rid of everything because I bought it from him, the script doesn't even work properly.
  5. I bought the license off someone else in around 2010/2011 - I've had no issues.
  6. HMU on a PM here, looking for a MySQL script alike kokys DM.
  7. PM me on here to confirm your interest I'm selling a script which highly resembles the LS:RP script. Whilst it doesn't contain ALL features it contains most of them, and is very much playable for an actual server. The script was made from scratch and most if not all bugs have been addressed through having people test the script. The script is 100% English and nobody else has it, the script itself is written in English and I'd say it's very good for PAWN enthusiasts to develop their knowledge in the language. Here's some notable features: Housing & Furniture System Business System Fully immersive vehicle system (insurance and so on) with dialogue functionality - license plates which can be illegally removed Fully dynamic systems covering factions, gangs, warehouses etc Anticheat tools to prevent hackers (anti weapon hack, anti car warp, anti ammo hack, armor hack, etc) Realistic economy which has been well thought out Dozens of unique jobs to earn money Familiar black market layout, moderated weapon distribution (both legal / illegal) Simple economy where it doesn't take a serious grind to achieve properties etc That's just some of them, it's fully ready and playable.
  8. I'm looking for a Prison Roleplay Gamemode, OR a scripter willing to do it from scratch. PM.
  9. PM me if you still haven't managed to do this deal.
  10. I've got in excess of $500m SA-RP cash to sell. Will sell it cheap and even cheaper if purchased in bulk. PM me on here

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