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  1. Willing to middleman anything without fees.
  2. Selling tested, working and not shared method of how to do trucker job while being even a courier trainee with a roadtrain/tanker. The method is working very well, so hard to be catch, contact me here or via PM, or, preferably on discord removed because I acces this forum on a 3-4 days period. Basically this method is helping you to do the job trucker with a roadtrain/tanker while not being a Professional Trucker(not having acces to the roadtrain/tanker) Willing to use a middleman, but I am not paying. The method works on LS-RP and is not including using hacks for it to work.
  3. do you still have the mod? the link is not working anymore
  4. 1$ PF application, 2$ get-into-lsrp application, 1$ pd application
  5. omg, very useful I walked near cars which are parked in gangs / factions zones, and found in a hour 2 m4 and 1 shotgun

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