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  1. I'm a scammer? Well, that's your point of view. I don't really care what your plans is. What if I told you, that "copani" told me, that he will sell me the latest script he had and what does he do? giving me his outdated version, that's funny how you trying to hide truth. Now, prove it, that I'm a scammer, your discord chat doesn't even bother me at all. And No, V6 doesn't have /bt system on it, that's another lie from you.
  2. If everyone wondering for server test, here you go, quick note, I DO NOT own this server but they're using the same script as I do. Address: server.ss-roleplay.net:7777
  3. Jisoo

    LS-RP Released Latest 0.3.7 Public

    This is Rivershell script. Also, that's a very nice virus Virus Total.
  4. $500? That's ridiculous
  5. Jisoo

    LSRP Money for sale. [GOING CHEAP]

    You can buy $5 per million from someone.
  6. Jisoo

    Steam account with CS:GO on it

    CSGO is now free, but oh well.
  7. Still available. NOW selling the cash as well $15M all for $80. NOTE: Willing to use middleman as well.
  8. Jisoo

    Job locations

    For me, the best places for these locations is: Ocean Docks: Mechanic, Garbage Man, Courier Unity Station: Bus Driver, Taxi Driver Behind Main Ammunation: Drug Dealers Left Side of LSPD: Sweeper and Paper Boys(?)
  9. Please do PM me. Qucik Note: I'm not interested selling seperate items (cash), if you to buy the cash, you must buy the account too..
  10. Hi, I'm selling LSRP Account as below: Account Descriptions: Level: 21 | Phone: Custom Number Overall Money: $15M | Weapons: Deagle & Shotgun Donator Level: Gold User | Houses/Business/Vehicles: None, all sold. For proofs, feel free to message me over forum or for quick respond, message me on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/parkshinjae91 Note: You must be the one to offer me the prices and I'll consider it. Payment: Through PayPal only.
  11. Jisoo

    Selling Steam Account

    €55 only.
  12. I'm selling my steam account, feel free to check it out at here: Description Steam Account for Sale Current Account Value (based on SteamDB Profile): 600 (USD) Number of Owned Products (Games, DLCs, AddOns, etc): 91 Games & Products Steam Account Level: Level 11 Steam account created: 5.8 Years Ago Account Status: Very Clean | No Cheats Injected | No VAC | No Game-Banned Purchased: You will received original email (feel free to change the info) Prices: €55 (offer your own price if you want to, I will consider it) - If you think you want it the most, you can bid highest than others. Feel free to PM me on MultiMart only! Title Highlights Counter Strike Bundle (CSGO/CZ/CSS/1.6) For Honor The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enchanced The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Rockstars Bundle (GTA VC, GTA 3, Max Payne, Manhunt) Products by cost $50.01 and higher - 1 $30.01 – $50.00 - 1 $10.01 – $30.00 - 17 $5.01 – $10.00 - 12 $2.01 – $5.00 - 14 $0.01 – $2.00 - 11 No price - 35 Everything is based on SteamDB https://www.mmo-armory.com/shop/88-games-products-499-usd-value-counter-strike-bundle-csgo-cz-css-1-6-for-honor-the-witcher-2-assassins-of-kings-enchanced-the-bureau-xcom-declassified-rockstars-bundle-gta-vc-gta/


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