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  1. PRICE LOWERED! HOW TO CONTACT? Feel free to contact me via Multimart Site (prefer to avoid any misunderstanding or discord.)
  2. pm me instead. LIMITED TIME OVER.
  4. Still available, updated! Changes: - Added several informations.
  5. He's my friend, you can contact him at https://www.facebook.com/parkshinjae91 & we are working together.
  6. I'm selling one of the latest IMRP V7 script, it includes such system: - Warehouse system (Optimized, WH Robbery) - /turf (Will displays turfs cooldown and total houses/businesses) - /biz & /house (will now shows the property infos) - Dynamic House (Custom interiors/garage, Alarm, armour and more) - Accessory (/acc with 3 slots, need to be in clothing shop) - Business system (can be created in-game, custom interiors and etc) - Drug system (/buy & /produce, captach system, plant and etc) - Dynamic vehicle system (Spawnpack, Slots, rental can be set in-game and more) - Dynamic factions (can be created via in-game, disable/enable factions, change color and etc) - Casino System (Roulette/Blackjack system, /dealers, bets, works fine) - War System (Can created upto 2 wars with prizes, kdr, total money lost and more) - Lotto System (/startlotto with custom prizes/fees and textdraw) - Admins with more unique/secret commands. - Event system (Much more features, race, shipfight, derby, custom) - Giftboxes system (Creating via In-game, /giftboxes, /giftbox, and more (same as IM)) - and more unique systems. PRICES (prices can be negotiable): 20 EUR - VERSION 6.9 = MaiGad's IM (V7.0) 55 EUR - VERSION 7 = refer to the pictures below! Scared of getting scammed? No worry, I'm one of the trusted seller plus I'm selling for cheap prices (unlike others, cheapest than mine must be a scammer) Feel free to contact me via Multimart only! (Feel free to add trusted community to the conversation to avoid misunderstanding) Multimart Profile: Jisoo's Profile Discord ID: N1K0#6977 To be honest, there's alot more awesome features.
  7. Don't buy from him, he's not selling the latest script. It's old shits. I tested it. If you want to buy the latest one, PM Me, I can let u test it out.
  8. Trading only. Please link your social media in order to contact you as soon as possible. Edit: Still looking
  9. I'm currently offering my Steam Account for latest/good version of Italy Mafia Roleplay script. Looking for IMRP V7 version mid 2017 or better and I'm trading this script for my steam account below. I can confirm this is my legit account (or 2nd account @ inactive @ idle ) If you want to trade, feel free to message me, I prefer to use high rep middleman. I've purchased this version: IMRP V6 [non sql, non dynamic] IMRP V7 [sql, dyanmic, version late 2016] Looking for : IMRP V7 Mid 2017 or better. Quick info: - It must have warehouse system like /robwh and so on. - /turfs system must be in dialog which can view informations and turf hours. - To produce drug, it must be like /produce (and type some words). and etc
  10. Jisoo

    Selling steam account

    topic updated.
  11. I'm currently selling my steam account. Account info: Level 11 (5 YEARS OLD) with 5 badges which is Global Sentinel, 50+ Games, Gem Maker, 5 YEARS coin & Community Badge. Account clean, no ban history (VAC & TRADE). Games (+15 DLC): Counter Strike 1.6, Condition Zero (+Deleted Scene), Source, Global Offensive, Amnesia, A Machine for Pigs & The Dark Descent, The Bureau XCOM Declassfied, GTA 3, Vice City, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, The Witcher 2 Assasins of Kings Echanced and 50+ games more. Inventory: CSGO - All skins transfered only left StatTrak Elite Build ($5). SteamDB prices: $110 (Lowest) - $490 (today's price). Currently looking for around $50 - $150 for this account (I take the highest offer only). PM me at Discord: Jessy#3522 I prefer to use high reputation middleman like $hustle himself


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