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  1. The Streetz of Los Santos™ is the first and only San Andreas: Mutli-Player roleplay server based on the story line and concept of the original game. Delivering fun, doubtlessly. With our lively community, 10 years of success and gangster roleplay that you've seen nowhere else, you would surely be amazed and love having that 90's feel. Community: 4/10 The community is not one of the best, that is the thing I dont really enjoy there. Most of them are toxic or are trolls or are there just to deathmatch. Not really a community that has been in the SAMP network for 10 years should have. Donation system: 2/10 The donation system is simple. You can buy IG stuff for IRL cash, this shall not be there as the DM increases alot because of it. Afterall it's an RPG server but I still think it shall not be there. Staff team: 5/10 As there are some decent admins, some are bad. I had even my own thing, one of the admins wanted to buy 10m cash in LS-RP from me. I gave him the price range and he said okay, we never continued with the deal. I said in the 'vipchat', and yes that's feature there selling L*-RP cash, pm me as a joke. And after I was banned by the same admin that tried to buy cash off of me for server advertising. Script: 10/10 The script for an RPG server is pretty good, it was made from the scratch by the developer and owner of the server Dizzle. There are some stuff that should be added and removed but that's what suggestions are for. Overall review: 7/10 The server is good overall and has some potential in it. That's what I can say. IP: server.sols-rpg.com:7777 Forums: https://sols-rpg.com/forums/

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