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  1. Need guns on RCRP, doing it over Multimart PMs and payment through paypal.
  2. Should've used multimart PMs rip
  3. I do have a decent anti-virus on my windows laptop. I also do not download shady stuff, otherwise I would not have seen the redirect on my macbook. The redirect has seemed to stop now though.
  4. Is this a joke? Edit: The forums redirect to malware.
  5. The Desert County Roleplay script was released on github for a few hours and then taken down. It's not really that exclusive. hmu if you consider dropping the price. I'm not interested in an LSRP replica.
  6. mace


    Legit offer since you're new and that, $10. Also there's a server with the same name struggling to pull in 10 players.
  7. mace


    Cop chase servers are a bit shaky from what I seen. I'll keep watching to see if you release its source code for bants. edit: wait 17k lines in one file? lol

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