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  1. I have one which uses AutoHotkey and is definitely undetectable (haven't been banned so far). If you're interested PM me with the offer, I'm not asking for too much money.
  2. Vouch , got the money really fast, definitely recommend this guy.
  3. Did you try this? http://ugbase.eu/index.php?threads/open-source-lsrp-auto-unscrambler.20699/ (If sharing non-multimart links is against the rules, I am sorry. Please don't ban me)
  4. As the title says, I'm looking for someone who sells guns for IC cash. I will pay you well.
  5. Just like the title says. I'm looking to buy a LSRP name change for IG money. Send me your offers.
  6. LOS SANTOS ROLEPLAY APPLICATIONS Getting your first character accepted on LS-RP can be very frustrating because the testers will often find stupid reasons to deny your application. That's why I'm here to help and write a LSRP application for you! PRICES: LS-RP new UCP account (story, rules, etc.) => 2$ LS-RP new character (only the story) => 1$ LS-RP PF application => 5$ LS-RP CCW application => 10$ If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM, I will reply in 48 hours. We can use a middle man too, if you wish to do so.
  7. TO ANYONE THAT WANTS THE MOD: https://www52.zippyshare.com/v/qYx2BW5k/file.html (just drag to modloader folder)
  8. Still works, takes time to find a car with a weapon though.

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