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  1. TO ANYONE THAT WANTS THE MOD: https://www52.zippyshare.com/v/qYx2BW5k/file.html (just drag to modloader folder)
  2. As the title says. I was looking to get somewhere around 1,000,000$ (considering people sell 1m for 7$ and the game cost 10$) Willing to use middleman. Discord: GangSta1#8662 I check it every day so expect a reply in 24-48 hours.
  3. I'm willing to trade my Steam account for 2 or 3 LSRP namdchanges. The Steam account includes: Is verified (bought a 5$ game called 'Aim Hero') Has CS:GO on it (worth 8$, comes with some skins) Has Silent Thief on it (1$) Is level 3 The account is worth 13-14 dollars in total, but, since I don't play CSGO anymore, I'd be willing to trade it for 2 or 3 LSRP namechanges (worth 4-6$ in total, so you will be making a nice profit). The reason I'm trading it is because I don't have PayPal and I really, really need a namechange! Those interested can PM me or contact me on discord (GangSta1#8662) We can use a middleman.
  4. I PM'ed you, don't have a code, but instead a whole Steam account... more in the PMs.
  5. Also, if interested, I also got an Origin account with Battlefield 1 on it, which cost like 20$, so... yeah, if you're interested, PM me or contact me on Discord.
  6. My LS-RP account is completely messed up, 4/5 characters are prisoned for 20 hours, while the one remaining character is in a huge debt, and I don't have the time to fix my accounts. Especially now that they removed character exporting. I'd simply buy like 3-4 million dollars from $hustle, but I don't have paypal so, yeah, here it goes: 1. I'm trading my Steam account which has these games on it (paid): Counter Strike - Global Offensive (from G2A) => cost me 10$ Aim Hero (bought for 5 dollars to verify account) Silent Thief (from G2A) => 5$ This Steam account is a year and a half old, and I got level 3 on it, and some reputation. I'd trade it for: Character level at least 4 (preferably with a clean criminal record) At least 500,000$ A vehicle (no cheap crap) Full UCP access 2. I'd also be willing to trade my GTA V + Online account (which is pretty decent but doesn't have lots of cash) which I've been using to play GTA Online since when it first came out for a decent LS-RP account, preferably with: Character level at least 5 (preferably with a clean criminal record) At least 500,000$ A vehicle (but not cheap crap like a Faggio, or Sadler) Full UCP access Please mind that my GTA Online and Social Club account is almost 5 years old, and I've paid 35$ to buy GTA V on PC which is around the same price for 2,000,000$ on the server; it has a custom high-end apartment, some nice cars, and a decent amount of cash (also, you sometimes get a 150k bonus when you enter Online ) , and I'm ready to trade it all for a LS-RP account that fills the requirements I've mentioned above. I'd also trade BOTH of the accounts (all worth around 55$ in total) for a high end LS-RP account: Character level at least level 7 (negotiable) At least 1 million dollars. A nice vehicle. Full UCP access. Preferably a house (optional). I'm willing to use a middleman, also, don't mind that my account is not old, and that I don't have lots of posts... I'm not a scammer, and I'm not risking anything. hmu on Discord if you're interested: GangSta1#8662
  7. I tought you could buy a 100-slot server for like 6$... that's not alot, just try to earn it somewhere.
  8. Still works, takes time to find a car with a weapon though.

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