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  1. I am buying ls-rp, hz gaming, rc-rp, gta world or from other server account, SD and PD manual, all commands on ls-rp, undetected vpn or real residential VPN/IP's , applications for everything, pf abuse or some other abuse, weapons finder, undetectable cheats and weapons on every server (ls-rp, rc-rp, gta world the most), translator for samp, afk script, ban evader handbook, could be someone know have knowdlege in law enforcement agency, graphic designer, webdeveloper, scripter, one condition is, they must be great and knowledgeable and many many other people, which do some service or sell stuff, which can interested me and my friend, we need trusted, reliably and for long time team, PM.
  2. Can you tell me what's the fuck: 

    You have been warned for the follow reason(s):

    • Soliciting off-site communication (Discord)
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    2. TheOnlyDroid


      The warning you received should link to the post you were warned on.

    3. Buyer


      I don't have any link and still I don't know what what was in the content, but I'm sure there was no my discord there it was not related to buying/selling or with Multimart

    4. TheOnlyDroid


      Open a support ticket.

  3. He is scammer, it is his multiaccount

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