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  1. Vouching for him, gave me what I asked for right away without any problems.
  2. I'm looking for a house and a business (Clubs etc) with active licenses (Bonus). Also looking for guns, vehicles, and money. I won't respond for any kind of Discord/Skype etc offers, but PM's.
  3. Going through middlemen?
  4. Depends on which weapon you chose. Starting at 250k.
  5. I can give you shotgun/deagle/whatever you want for IG cash.
  6. Interested in your business. what would be the price?
  7. For some reason, I found this funny af, You tell people not to use skype but you answer only there? What's the point? Why can't you use private messages for prices? Do you want to report those who scam you by tracing them down? I'm sorry, but I don't know you at all and trust you for having blue tag says nothing to me. If you were serious doing your stuff, you could let other people become 'trusted middlemen' but you won't let anyone replace you, right?
  8. I can't really understand you. Will you give me $200,000 for the name change? Will you give me a name change for $200,000?
  9. I just got false Verdict and my topic has been removed. I did not posted common sold items, as I've never seen someone sells his house for cash. In addation for house I'm looking for guns, money and vehicles. I understand that guns and money counts as common sold items but I've added those in addation. I can't find any logic reason for this verdict, please handle.

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