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  1. Sons

    Job locations

  2. Sons

    Job locations

    I want to know what your opinion, what were will be the best job locations fitting into the universe of Los Santos, in the right place and realism for; car mechanic, taxi driver, garbage man, bus driver, courier, dealer drugs, paper boys and sweeper.
  3. Sons

    Server name

    Okay, but do you have other ideas for server name?
  4. Sons

    Server name

    I mean my own country, where I was born and I live there yet. My country is Poland, if you want to know. Ideas.... I have to think once time again, because it come to my head and out from of her. I don't know; Criminality RolePlay
  5. Sons

    Server name

    Hi, I want to do my server in my country, but I don't know what will be my server name, many many ideas come to my head, but I don't know what to choose and doesn't match. Have to be unique, creative, great, good matching server name. Do you have any ideas?


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