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  1. I do not recomended, he is scammer - watch out for him.
  2. I'm looking for professional PAWN scripter to RP gamemode. Could be nice to be written in English or Polish language. I want to do unique server and climate. I'm going to do be touching script and climate from the old the times with the new ones. I mean for example basic script for /stats and other command and better script like inventory system or mobile phone on textdraw, so just like on ls-rp - I mean good old godfather, basic script and better/modernity script like mobile phone on textdraw or like south central roleplay - inventory system on textdraw and much more examples based on rp servers.... I think, that you know what I mean Scripter have to: Throwing cool ideas that can be used on SAMP, and I do not know that they are possible. Experience when it comes to RP servers; playing on some projects, even foreign ones, welcome Doing their work reliably, correcting mistakes, etc. Knowing things I'm looking for professional mappers to RP server, which they have knowdlege and they can edit and creating objects/exterior/interior, they are doing aestethics work, which are perfectly fitted.
  3. I want to invite you on my server discord - Create International RP Sever Together. I want to get to know your opinion, ideas, what you want see on RP server, talking about it,suggestions to create fucking great, unique with maybe other standars gamemode - I'm not hiring any teams, it's not buying/selling anything and it's not my own rp server or server name https://discordapp.com/invite/umTE9kb?fbclid=IwAR1vWaQFqJzjGI4r3NPKxjDj5pVxWSmVndY_SXaFf5E31UUpXHh9Qaygg_E
  4. Can I post topic like /What you want see on RP server or /I want create international RP server/ and send my server discord there for example in general topic - you know... I would like to send my own RP server discord to write any suggestions about roleplay gamemode for people to create it; no for buying/selling etc, only for suggestions, talking about it etc? If not, do you know some sites or something like that to send this on samp community? I want send this discord, some people join to my discord and will be sending sugestions or something like that about my international rp server, what they want etc
  5. Sons

    Job locations

    You mean this location?
  6. Sons

    Job locations

    Could you show me screenshot where is exactly this location for taxi driver? I think, that I know where, but I'm not sure
  7. Sons

    Job locations

    What places? Ocean docks is suck for mechanic and courier job - doesn't much Unity Station for taxi - doesn't much Where exactly sweeper, could you show me on screenshot?
  8. Sons

    Job locations

    I want to know what your opinion, what were will be the best job locations fitting into the universe of Los Santos, in the right place and realism for; car mechanic, taxi driver, garbage man, bus driver, courier, dealer drugs, paper boys and sweeper.
  9. Sons

    Server name

    Okay, but do you have other ideas for server name?
  10. Sons

    Server name

    I mean my own country, where I was born and I live there yet. My country is Poland, if you want to know. Ideas.... I have to think once time again, because it come to my head and out from of her. I don't know; Criminality RolePlay

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