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  1. Yeah, but it's not main problem; why players left some server - for example some part on ls-rp
  2. Not exactly, for example in summer 2017 was 500 players, 300 is today; so disappeared 200 players in 2018...... rcrp had 150 players and 120 now - you don't see any difference between this? 500 is 100% 300 is x So how many percent of players have disappeared on lsrp? 40 percent 150 is 100% 120 is x So how many percent of players have disappeared on rcrp? 20 percent So on rcp players have not disappeared drastically, maybe not good too; but better than lsrp - I know that lsrp have much players, but it's based on Los Santos too and it's not bad comparing to ls rp Why the people leave some server? They could grew up, have family, job, studies, priorities and any other, but why the people leave some server? Many many servers are copy, with no ideas; the same, unprofessional staff, corruption, favoring, nothing new, bad or bugged update or gamemode, allowing players do it bad things or illegal, staff give players money, car etc, no control, wrongly interpreted some terms, above realistic rp actions, no help for new players. bad choices. bad acions, admins who are lazy or they are suck, admin above players, admin can do that everything, player word; it doesn't count. lack of common sense any many many more
  3. I know that; people grew up, have job, studies - it's normal, because I don't have time like before; but it's not that point, because on other servers the number of players doesn't drop drastically like on lsrp, so should be some reason, it's not that have only job or studies - okay, but without exaggeration; players leave some server from some reasons and that's the point and why for example amount of rcrp players didn't drop drastically? Exactly...
  4. You know.... I remember when in summer 2017 was above 500 players and that number has dropped suddenly in some 2018
  5. What's wrong with it? Let's talk about it
  6. Oh, fuck; I played there, it's server from my country too - fucking awesome for dm haha I agree with you, much fun too; could be nice light roleplay server with correct understanding this term, but.... eh and now it's shit, very cool for dming, i love this server for unique XD I laughed from many many situations, very much corruptions too
  7. I do not recomended, he is scammer - watch out for him.
  8. I'm looking for professional PAWN scripter to RP gamemode. Could be nice to be written in English or Polish language. I want to do unique server and climate. I'm going to do be touching script and climate from the old the times with the new ones. I mean for example basic script for /stats and other command and better script like inventory system or mobile phone on textdraw, so just like on ls-rp - I mean good old godfather, basic script and better/modernity script like mobile phone on textdraw or like south central roleplay - inventory system on textdraw and much more examples based on rp servers.... I think, that you know what I mean Scripter have to: Throwing cool ideas that can be used on SAMP, and I do not know that they are possible. Experience when it comes to RP servers; playing on some projects, even foreign ones, welcome Doing their work reliably, correcting mistakes, etc. Knowing things I'm looking for professional mappers to RP server, which they have knowdlege and they can edit and creating objects/exterior/interior, they are doing aestethics work, which are perfectly fitted.
  9. I want to invite you on my server discord - Create International RP Sever Together. I want to get to know your opinion, ideas, what you want see on RP server, talking about it,suggestions to create fucking great, unique with maybe other standars gamemode - I'm not hiring any teams, it's not buying/selling anything and it's not my own rp server or server name https://discordapp.com/invite/umTE9kb?fbclid=IwAR1vWaQFqJzjGI4r3NPKxjDj5pVxWSmVndY_SXaFf5E31UUpXHh9Qaygg_E
  10. Can I post topic like /What you want see on RP server or /I want create international RP server/ and send my server discord there for example in general topic - you know... I would like to send my own RP server discord to write any suggestions about roleplay gamemode for people to create it; no for buying/selling etc, only for suggestions, talking about it etc? If not, do you know some sites or something like that to send this on samp community? I want send this discord, some people join to my discord and will be sending sugestions or something like that about my international rp server, what they want etc

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