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  1. Looking for a full time SA-MP Developer. Payment will not be a problem. Please contact via. discord: Smithy#7685
  2. Harry

    [4SALE] Earn money doing nothing

    Guessing - isn't this literally bitcoining or some form of bitcoin mining(leaving your PC on 24/7)?
  3. So you and DedidamNET have identical posts, identical websites, are registered to the same address, so why are they ran as different companies? Bearing in mind you're both offering the same products? Also, on https://www.host.ag/ "MINI" comes with "2x Disk Drives" at €59 when it actually doesn't, as it comes with 1 drive and requires another €6 for a second drive. Isn't that false advertising?
  4. Harry

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    Nothing really new here. Rarely a topic!
  5. Harry

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    Might remake a logo with a Christmassy look!
  6. Harry

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    My avatar? What about it @$hustle and very true Risky.
  7. Harry

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    Us Brits are taking over! Here ye here yee.
  8. Harry

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    Seems like less people are here these days, it's a shame!
  9. Harry

    Selling look-like LSRP script.

    Clearly you're an asshole
  10. Harry

    Globalised Scammer Icon

    Disrespecting the alien hand
  11. Hi all, [align=center][/align] I just wanted to let everyone know that my small, web hosting site is looking to sponsor people who are content creators (whether it be Twitch, Youtube, etc), and do our best to provide a service that not only could they offer to their users, but also help influence their presence and work together to provide them with a great website and place for their viewers to discuss and communicate away from Youtube/Twitch. In doing so, we've launched a Sponsorship extension on our website, which can be filled out by visiting https://msservers.com/ and clicking 'Sponsorship', and we will get back to you within 7 days. We're looking for committed individuals, that may want to offer something new to their subscribers/followers who are creative and often create new content. We can also be contacted on Twitter (@MSServers) or by e-mail ([email protected]) for this opportunity. Thanks
  12. Harry

    Globalised Scammer Icon

    Should be OK. [img=http://i.imgur.com/8ye2Ip8.png]
  13. Harry

    GTAStuff Snippet - Online Script Sharing Tool

    I'm looking to expand it but God it takes time. I shall do my best. Looking to get a team together.
  14. Hi all, I've been trying to develop GTAStuff out for a while with a variation of different capabilities and tools to help SA:MP members through their bits and bobs. Today, I announce the release of GTAStuff Snippet. What is it? GTAStuff Snippet is a tool that allows people to create an account, login and upload bits of scripts, from any coding language (it detects what language it is and syntax highlights), onto the network and access it from anywhere, while also providing the ability to share the code. It's also secure so only those you want to see the code, can see it. What it does? Allows users to create secure accounts. Allows users to organize and add many scripts, filtered into tags & folders. Allows users to share scripts or keep them private. Allows users to get raw code of their scripts. Provides Syntax highlighting. See some of these screenshots. Adding new scripts... Sharing the script. Login Register over at http://gtastuff.com/snippet/index.php Any suggestions/comments please let me know. Highly welcome.
  15. Harry

    500 members

    Woohey! Hoorah (ex staff here)


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