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  1. Here we are. A week exactly with no news. Waiting for your update, replying here so others can also see.
  2. "As soon as I'm home from work" is now 3 days later. Still no actual progress on sending me what I paid for. Will keep this thread updated to avoid anyone else being mis sold.
  3. Still no update on this with 6 hours in between messages.
  4. I have provided evidence showing the script you showed me is not the one you had sent me. Hopefully we can sort this out this evening.
  5. Disappointed. Had tested a script, agreed to purchase, sent over the money and the wrong script was sent to me. I've since reached out and had no response. Hopefully they'll be in touch to rectify the situation.
  6. Nothing really new here. Rarely a topic!
  7. Might remake a logo with a Christmassy look!
  8. My avatar? What about it @$hustle and very true Risky.
  9. Us Brits are taking over! Here ye here yee.
  10. Seems like less people are here these days, it's a shame!

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