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  1. THE GAMING COMMUNITY FORUM - http://tg-cm.com LOS ANGELES RP FORUM - http://larp.tg-cm.com DISCORD INVITE LINK: https://discord.gg/Nt2zQ7V TEAMSPEAK 3: ts3.tg-cm.com SAMP IP: samp.tg-cm.com:7777 Our TS3 and SAMP servers are currently offline because we're switching to a dedicated server, more info is on the TGC forums.
  2. Hosting4Stars LIMITED presents it’s San Andreas Multiplayer – Roleplay server under the name of Just Another Roleplay. The specific script used has been in development since April 2013 by the developers Bgtracker(Nathan Stallone/McTavish) & Silverfire(David Webb). The project is funded and owned by the company Hosting4Stars LIMITED, JARP was acquired by H4S LTD in December 2018 and since then, both money and development has been dedicated to it. Server Features: - Jobs(Truck Driver, Taxi Driver, Lumberjack, Pizza Boy, Coal Miner, Mechanic, Craftsman). The concept of Arms Dealer, Drug Smuggler and Drug Dealer are incorporated into the family(gang) system. - Family and Gang systems – We chose for them not to be dynamic as we want to have them hard-coded into the script. This way it is much safer and less ways to exploit it. - Realistic Economy- Main city is Los Angeles(Los Santos) as the player-base grows, we’ll be opening Las Vegas(Las Venturas) and San Francisco(San Fierro) by adding housing, businesses, casinos and companies. - No VIP system – we’ve decided to remove our VIP system completely and erase it in order to prevent players from gaining advantage over others, should they decide to support the project by paying into it. We do have a shop that is 90% done and will not be featuring any items that will give player advantages over others. The only perks you will have if you donate will be in TS3 and our forums.- Completely new prison/jail system - not 100% done, we have new mapping for it. The system itself is complete, however the functionality of it is not 100% done. - Body Bag system – Whenever a player dies and uses /accept death it generates a body bag that has to be removed by LSFD. - Collision damage – Whenever a player crashes into a car, depending on the speed and if they have seatbelt or not, they take damage. - Gun, Car, Truck(CDA), Pilot and Taxi Driver license – You have to obtain a Commercial Drivers License(CDA) in order to be a trucker. Upcoming Systems:- University system – This will benefit you most if you’re in a family as depending on which specialty you graduate with, you’ll have certain benefits. - Club Music – Every club will have it’s own music stream. - Complete driver license course – The course is currently being re-done and for the time being all licenses can be purchased at the DMV. - GPS system with coordinates all around the map that will guide you with a checkpoint and an arrow on top of your car. - Faction budget system - This system will allow the Government faction to assign budget on law-enforcement and Army factions. Hardware we’re running on: - Hosting4Stars LIMITED currently provides 2 x VPSs with the following specifications: - 16GB RAM- 6 Core Xeon- 2x240SSD in RAID 1- 100mbps international connection with unlimited bandwidth.Coming the end of this month(February), we’ll be moving onto a dedicated machine with the following specifications:- 32GB RAM- 6 Core – 12 Thread Xeon- 2x480GB SSD in RAID 1- OS: Windows Server 2016- 1Gbps international connection with unlimited bandwidth – Effectively the machine will be able to upload with ~1 gigabyte per second which will provide a stable connection to over 1500 players. Just Another Roleplay is a part of TheGamingCommunity (TGC) which is owned by Hosting4Stars LIMITED (H4S). The plans for TGC is to open multiple servers on SA :MP with JA :RP being the only Roleplay server and primary project for SA :MP of TGC. Other servers like Minecraft will be pushed at the end of the month as well a TDM/Freeroam server for SA :MP is on it’s way. Positions Opened: - Faction Leaders: We're currently looking to fulfill the leadership positions of LAFD, KTLA5 & LA Government. - Server Manager of JARP: This will be the leadership role of the entire admin team on JARP, you will hire/fire/demote/promote staff members within JARP, while maintaining professional, editing/creating/enforcing server rules, extreme activity - you must have at least 3 years of SA:MP experience. - Blog Writers for the Blog part of the forum: We’re looking for 2 active bloggers that can keep track of gaming news and post news regarding TGC’s plans for the future and teasers for servers. - Forum Moderators: We’re looking for 3 forum moderators for specific section: - 1 for the Modifications section on the forums that will fill it in with useful modifications and moderate other mods being posted. - 1 for the Entertainment section where they should post on daily basis and moderate any posts made in the section. - 1 for the Anything & Everything section on the forums where they will be posting regularly and moderate any posts made in the section - Server Moderators: As a SM you will be accepting help requests from players and your title in-game will be Support Moderator. You will be going on-duty for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour hours a day with /mduty(all hours are tracked). This will be your primary role, in the time you are not helping players, you will have access to commands like /kick and /mjail to prison players for breaking the rules. You will essentially be an undercover admin with limited access.NG:RP Players: As an old school NG:RP player myself, back from 2010. We're offering the following refunds to NG:RP players: - Old School tag in TS3 - Refunding your level, playing hours and $50.000 as per our economy. For this refund - please contact Jeff, Silverfire or myself(McTavish) on the forums or TS3 with a screenshot from your NG:RP account if you still have one. TS3: ts3.tg-cm.com SAMP: samp.tg-cm.com Forums: https://tg-cm.com
  3. Greetings! Just Another Roleplay began development August 31st, 2018 and two days ago officially launched their BETA stage which ends November 10th, launching fully. Factions The server is based in California, the current Law Enforcement Agencies and Services are the Los Angeles Police Department, Government, and Los Angeles Fire and Medical Department, as well as the Los Angeles News. LAPD The Los Angeles Police Department, like any other police department, will handle criminal investigations and enforce the law upon those who go beyond it. Now, a little insight! After we finish and exit the beta stage and do the grand opening, the LAPD will have a modern functioning SWAT division, as well as a Detectives Bureau, possibly a forensics lab allowing the officers to properly investigate and process crime scenes, evidence and handle police work, even working fingerprint scanners and new MDC textdraws! LAFMD The Los Angeles Fire and Medical Department will also be a modern functioning faction with an innovating set of new systems(such as helicopter rappel for the Life Flight specialized operators). It's highly possible to have a scripted surgery and diseases system(Cancer, Diabetes, HIV) & we currently feature a randomly generated fire system for the Fire department. LA News The Los Angeles News, well, your regular news agency, although it's members would, and most likely will do their job better than they have to. Another insight; A further scheduled plan for the development team has been put in queue to develop a radio system allowing people to listen to live broadcasts in their motorized vehicles(motorcycles excluded, as is) and stay in touch with the latest news. Variety does differ, thus we decided to kill the boring stereotype you've encountered quite often so far, offering you a list of extraordinary jobs. [*]Pizza Delivery Driver [*]Pizza Maker [*]City Garbage Disposal [*]United States Postal Service [*]Coal Miner [*]Lumberjack [*]Farmer [*]Exterminator [*]Taxi driver [*]More in the near future Economy The server management came to the conclusion that realistic and balanced economy beats the inflated and ruined economy which most communities have shown on a pedestal in the past which offered a broken roleplay standard(earning the money powered by if not 10, then 100 in paychecks, instead of earning them through work). We deliver an economy which fits perfectly for roleplay, as well as it gives the perfect immersion. After that decision was made, the Department of Game Operations set in place and motion a tax system for the income; taxes and income are fully regulated by the government officials and if necessary enforced by the Law Enforcement Agencies. Gangs and Turf Wars We all know that one of the biggest thrills of gangs, motorcycle clubs, mafias, and syndicates are exactly the wars, so we made a specific set of rules and regulations to prevent boundless bloodshed, which bores and to a high extent disappoints(in most of the cases it also repels) the players, taking them to the point that they leave the server, or even quit the game in general. These rules don't only put restrictions on gangs, but they also make this part of the roleplay more challenging. We all know that feats earned through hard work are more satisfying. We all know that one of the biggest thrills of gangs, motorcycle clubs, mafias, and syndicates are exactly the wars, so we made a specific set of rules and regulations to prevent boundless bloodshed, which bores and to a high extent disappoints(in most of the cases it also repels) the players, taking them to the point that they leave the server, or even quit the game in general. These rules don't only put restrictions on gangs, but they also make this part of the roleplay more challenging. We all know that feats earned through hard work are more satisfying. Turf wars are no longer simply territories in which you spot and shoot to kill rival gang members for a few minutes, thus winning the turf for your own affiliation, at least not in Just Another Roleplay. Although saying this makes it sound like the gang wars, fear not! Turf wars are meant for "ownership of territories" with one idea a deeper plot. In our forums you can read more about this in the policy, posted in the Information subsection. Staff We pick our staff by taking the players who have shown constant maturity, professionalism and the ability to act formal almost all of the time. Interested to join one of our staff teams? You can contact the management or the head of staff. In case the application recruitment is open and active, you can simply apply in the right section. Development Team The development team consists of dedicated professionals who work on fixing anything which malfunctions, as well as create, upgrade and add new better systems or mapping. We're always open to new innovative ideas, so if you feel like you can suggest something which will be a good addition to the server - you can suggest it on the forums and our management and development team will discuss it, giving an answer to it after a second reading. General Server Information Website – http://www.justanotherroleplay.com Discord – https://discord.gg/egM2pWw SAMP Server –
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