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  1. HostName: YSF :: Young Society Freeroam | Duel/Shooter/DM/Property Address: * / 50Ping: 105Mode: YSF:Stunt/Drift/DM/Races/FunLanguage: English YSF Features:* House system and private vehicles (can be parked near your house(s))* Duel system - credits to developer: Oblivion* Shooter minigame - credits to developer: Oblivion* RydeR's Race system (10+ races are added)* Maths* Reactions* Parkours* Infernus Paradises* Kill Streaks system* Weapon hit sounds* 16,400 objects of YSF maps* Teleports* Animations* Vehicle control, vehicle tuning, rainbow effect and speedboost* Tiki statues* Admin systemTrusted Player system: Screenshots: "Server is developed by me. It is Build 1.0 so some features may be missing but everything will be added soon!""If you are interested, Contact me in discord: Sonny or in forums/ingame: Napoleon" www.ysfserver.rf.gd https://discordapp.com/invite/T7BewwX Thanks for attention
  2. SonnyGamer

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    Hello, I am SonnyGamer. An experienced pawno developer. I just joined multimart and liked this website very much. Design and etc... hehe Well thats all I wanted to say. Have a nice day.

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