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  1. Yo get this faggot banned he still haven't given my money scammer
  2. Don't buy from this guy, will lie to you and don't give you money I have paypal transactions, give me my money right now you scammer
  3. Did he scam you? I never Got my 800k turning to 600k then he Said 30 min and logged off
  4. Nah don't doit bro he just left conversation with me, I think he tryna scam
  5. 1 million dollar 10 bucks in GTA World? Ppl charge 10 for 100k?? Are you legit?
  6. Get this guy banned and right now. Scammed me aswell.
  7. I wan't to buy GTA W cash, and if you are a scammer dont even bother I wan't trusted guy or ppl who can prove they legit.
  8. PM'd you need a mil GTA W
  9. I am playing on Gta World on GTA V, RageMP I need money I am a new player, well sort of started last week, and desperately in need of money, buying LSRP money aswell if the price is good, I require a legit check and reviews on you if you wan't to sell to me.

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