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  1. Basically, if this dude does not see the credits on this script (which obviously was there) he will claim it as he done it and sell it. I'm getting him sued tho, I got everything, his address, phone number, email, even more evidence of the chat with him and the victim (which is in one of screenshots).
  2. Yea peps, watch out who you hire as your scripter, there's a guy called Darkey, he will beg you and inspire you to get him as your developer and then he will take your script and claim as he made it, while selling it to people! https://www.multimart.org/profile/1513-drakey/ This dude over here! Don't ever buy thing from him, he's a fake ass wannabe developer who copy paste and edit colors.
  3. Downtown Roleplay is a heavy roleplay server currently in development by a group of veterans from the SAMP community. Together, we have over years of experience in developing and managing servers, and we endeavour to bring this experience to provide endless roleplay opportunities. The community is at the centre of our development, and a majority of the features we've already implemented have come from ideas and discussions from our players. Downtown Roleplay brings a new grade of professionalism, bringing your SA-MP experience to an entirely new level as well. You can expect to see nothing but the most helpful, polite administrators; the most advanced roleplay script (while keeping those core features we have all come to know and love!) and a community you'll never find anywhere else consisting of mature. As our motto states, we are a server by the players, for the players! The community is nothing without players, so we strive to fulfill the requests of our players to the best of our ability. Here at DTRP we take roleplay seriously we go above and beyond to make your roleplay experience the best by now you must be saying I heard this before, you tried the rest now try the best. I welcome you to the Downtown Roleplay. Join the discord now and stay up to date with server development! Forums: forum.dt-rp.com Discord: https://discord.gg/HNkPMtP Server: server.dt-rp.com
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