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  1. Huge vouch for this guy, had a decent contract with him and he is very reliable and smooth, simply the best guy regarding to coding and scripts for SA-MP and in general! He will for 100% give you what you want and for what you've been looking for!
  2. Taariq

    Hi all

    Welcome and enjoy your stay
  3. Lowest I can go is £15, buyout is £25
  4. 1st restaurant £8 2nd restaurant £7 3rd restaurant £6
  5. ———————————— ————————————
  6. Still selling, not only this map!
  7. I agree with this, bidness used other seller's stats screenshots and weapon screenshots in order to scam people, he abused my screenshot of guns by cropping it and removing part where I wrote "Taariq LSRP for SakkChaser Multimart" Greed is right, don't deal with "bidness" guy because he is 100% scammer
  8. As I said in the title, selling RP PD Interior map, it has around 2.5k lines, I made it in samp construction map editor + texture studio by pottus, offer me a price if you're interested. Interior is pretty huge, and it has everything what one PD station from inside needs to have, I'll upload 40 screenshots down below.
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