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  1. Won't be selling these last two low-end accounts, and you can PM me again now if you need anything else
  2. High-end account sold, 2 low-end accounts left.
  3. I have 7 low-end accounts on LS-RP which are on different UCP's, some accounts have 2 characters, some of them 3, also selling one high-end account which is level 37, it has 14 millions on savings, 23 millions on hand and 60 ounces of cocaine, 20 ounces of xanax pills, 100 strength, it also has 4 high-end cars and 3 low-end cars, and 40 packaged guns, gold donator including the bmx, for more info send me PM
  4. Re-stocked with a huge amount of drugs (all types) Selling all types of drugs on LS-RP, if you're interested and if you want to know the price per ounce send me a private message!
  5. You can try sending me PM now
  6. Taariq

    Hi all

    Welcome and enjoy your stay
  7. Google GBP to USD and you can see what are the prices in the USD
  8. Out of stock until further notice
  9. level 16, 600h of gameplay, 600k in hand, used to be a donator, 1x numberchange, vehicles: bmx & admiral & sadler, 1.5m savings (50%), 2x deagles & 1x shotgun and 1x rifle, last time jailed a year ago, for screenshots and more info contact me in DM's

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