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  1. In this topic as a native and an old member of this community I will be talking about the classic scammers which are pretty much active on this site nowadays and I will discuss about their filthy moves and ways of scamming users. I will be using this example below: My message to the scammer and to the victim of the scam is next: ^ You should've thought before you decided to purchase anything from this guy, this guy is a classic filthy scammer and a money duper, remember that they always get caught, if not now then later for sure, I suggest you to open a dispute or call PayPal and see what you can do, or fill a Community Complaint. My advice for everyone (especially for the newbies on this community) is: Always use a middleman and DO NOT buy from people such as this guy, if you see that they're selling their assets for low amount of cash or that they're new to the site and have no reputation at all, then you can see that they're for sure hiding something from you, as you can see, the seller wrote that his transfers are "stealth" which is not true, and therefore that's a reason why he is a liar and a scammer. Again, please do not buy from this kind of people, you will end up getting banned over such a dumb move with interacting and dealing with such a retarded guy which is money duping and scamming people over here.
  2. Soon back in the business!
  3. Today's special offer: Buy 3 M4's and 3 Desert Eagles for the price of 17€ and get bonus 2 deagles and 2 M4's!
  4. Huge vouch for this guy, deal went smooth without any issues and I received my asssets within a few minutes, definitely gonna buy again from him!
  5. Huge vouch for this guy, had a decent contract with him and he is very reliable and smooth, simply the best guy regarding to coding and scripts for SA-MP and in general! He will for 100% give you what you want and for what you've been looking for!
  6. Huge vouch for this guy, trusted seller, bought a fresh new account off him, everything passed well, huge recommendation as well
  7. I'm buying low end account (level 2 or 3 would be best), have 5-7$ to spend on it
  8. "people have other priorities" is true and its the biggest reason why people do not play much on LS-RP, whole bullshit is "it's the staff team being shit", who cares about the staff team at all? staff team are just doing their job and if you break the rules or do something what staff team doesn't likes of course you will get punished, if staff team was shit people would quit LS-RP a long time ago, and server wouldn't have 200-300 players right now, I don't say that staff team is not shit, but that's not the main problem and of course that there are always bad people in staff team not just on LS-RP, but everywhere. LS-RP's good for everyone in many ways, but the main problem is that people are slowly losing their motivation because RP servers are just boring in 2019 and everything is same and repeats in circle, honestly, RP servers are just waste of the time, in general every game is, but there's nothing much fun in RP, it's just boring for some people while for some it's fun to stand in one place and drop /me's and /do's, but as I say, for most of people it isn't, and some people should better play different game which is more fun and interesting rather than wasting and spending their time on LS-RP which is on 14 years old game which is already dead and whole SA-MP platform doesnt has more than 25,000 players, but let's not talk about that and honestly there's nothing much else to talk about LS-RP or SA-MP in general, since we already know what's gonna happen in the future, we will all stop playing this one day... I went off-topic a bit but it was worth it, not everybody will understand this, but it is as it is, the reality is reality and it cannot be changed, people should enjoy their time in the meanwhile and spend their free time how they want, but not everybody still finds LS-RP popular and interesting in 2019 and that's the conclusion.
  9. This one might get patched soon as well
  10. I can say one of the best LS-RP hotwire scripts ever, useful, it was private but sadly it got cracked and creator of the script decided to fully release it, still everyone who is using it should use it carefully because it can get you banned very easily and fast
  11. Out of stock
  12. +rep, wrote me an application, got accepted from the first try, cheap and reliable
  13. Won't be selling these last two low-end accounts, and you can PM me again now if you need anything else
  14. High-end account sold, 2 low-end accounts left.
  15. I have 7 low-end accounts on LS-RP which are on different UCP's, some accounts have 2 characters, some of them 3, also selling one high-end account which is level 37, it has 14 millions on savings, 23 millions on hand and 60 ounces of cocaine, 20 ounces of xanax pills, 100 strength, it also has 4 high-end cars and 3 low-end cars, and 40 packaged guns, gold donator including the bmx, for more info send me PM
  16. Taariq

    Hi all

    Welcome and enjoy your stay
  17. Google GBP to USD and you can see what are the prices in the USD
  18. Out of stock until further notice
  19. Trusted buyers list has been updated
  20. Prices maybe seem to be scam but I'm not scammer and if you check when I joined on multimart and my posts and reputation everything will be clear to you. Also I have to say that prices are outdated and that I will soon update them and guns aren't going to be that much expensive anymore.
  21. Back with new weapons in stock! For more info send a private message!
  22. Not selling anymore

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