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  1. Just lost 100M to Drizzy as he pulled paypal fraud on me. $Hustle please warn others! He owes me 700$!
  2. First transaction went smootly. @Drizzy mind if you rate and confirm?
  3. $hutle is back I got about 70M for sale! 10$ per mill come get em! 100 % legit!!
  4. As soon as $hustle is back 40m+ is available. This is 100% legit and hope to have $hutle confirm this soon enough!
  5. Taking the minimal value of the business is 40m. Simple math shows $10 x 40m equals to $400. Now I'd like to keep this post spam free if you got any more questions regards the topic feel free to send me a private message. Also everything will be done through $hustle. Thank you for your understanding.
  6. What stops me selling it for cash IG and then selling the cash 10$ per mil. Ok then.
  7. Since it's worth like stated between 40-60m I'm asking 400$ (10$ per mill).
  8. Sure. Everything will be done through $hustle when he is available.
  9. I got 40m LSRP cash for sale. Selling 10$ per 1 million. Accepting $hustle as middle man. Also got 40-60m business for sale.

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