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  1. egg210

    Elegante's Shop!

    HUGE VOUCH. #1 guy on MM right now when it comes to gun deals. 100% legit, if you need anything COME HERE FIRST.
  2. A bunch of weapon dupes got fixed on lsrp. Tbh I wouldn’t trust anyone right now for gun sales. Just save your money bro.
  3. egg210

    Elegante's Shop!

    Can vouch. Sent the money and got the ucp info in less then 5 mins.
  4. hes a scammer don't bother. once this closes he'll make another account and do the samething.
  5. egg210


    This bum scammed me for 12 EUR lmao. Don't buy anything form him.
  6. Vouching for this guy. Sent the money and got the guns in less then 5 minutes.

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