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  1. SakkChaser

    RC-RP Products

    Looking for guns, drugs, money on RC-RP anyone hmu
  2. SakkChaser

    CTN Scammer

    He tried to scam me out of 25 dollars LOL his fourm name is Ctn and his discord is Hollywood Mobster#011 here is proof dont buy anything from him LMAO he thought he ran off with my money but i paid him as goods. https://gyazo.com/e118b28bce5443668ef55d90cc6c3e59 https://gyazo.com/e7db323872c17821f657ff08d30a88bd
  3. SakkChaser

    LSRP Guns

    I want to buy some weapons can people list their prices?
  4. Hey you sell weapons bro?
  5. SakkChaser

    Buying LSRP Cash.

    Looking for 2.5 million dollars.
  6. SakkChaser

    [SELLING] Various LSRP items

    how much for the guns?
  7. SakkChaser

    selling 1 milion dollars ls-rp

    he is trusted! i bought 3 guns from him for 14 dollars with no middle man he didnt scam..
  8. SakkChaser

    Looking to buy guns

    @$hustle sorry i will delete but are you open to middle man right now?
  9. SakkChaser

    Looking to buy guns

  10. SakkChaser

    Selling LSRP cash+items.

    how much for 2 mil
  11. SakkChaser

    Looking to buy guns

    I have 30 dollars im trying to buy alot of guns only using Hustle as a middleman. hmu fast


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