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  1. buying LS-RP PD accounts must be trusted and been on the site for longer than 2 months.
  2. Looking to buy a cop or PF license account, We will be using a middleman, mostly buying from users who have been here longer than 2 months.
  3. Also will trade my maxed meele staker on osrs for items on lsrp and money or decent account.
  4. Was wondering if it would be possible to trade a maxed cape runescape 3 account for LS-RP items and money, Don't play runescape any more and i'm the orginal owner of the account, if not allowed delete thread.
  5. How does this work, I put it in my mod folder but when I go up to cars, I don't see anything a few have had arrow's over the head but only like 1 or 2.
  6. Can't do off site trades, Rules state on site trades only.
  7. Looking to buy a LS-RP account or get someone to write me an application, I will pay the MM fee's.
  8. Pandas Scripting I am offering my scripting services, Prices can be discussed and negotiated upon request, PM here for information. I have experience in Pawn scripting for sa-mp been scripting since 2012. I have experience with PHP to create user control panels, I can do website design such as forums for you as well due to having a vBulletin license. I also know Java, C# and Booscript from Unity3d and runescape private server days. If anyone is interested and needs a scripter hit me up on forum PM, We can then discuss it further, Thank you. For sa-mp scripting I'm willing to do edits and scripts from scratch for any type of server.
  9. I'm selling the full PR-RP Script with the full old forum database, The UCP, The UCP database, In game database and then the social network type thing that Ryu set up. I'm also selling my new verison of 2real roleplay if anyones interested.
  10. Just scammed me off $30 as well, opening a dispute on paypals live chat and sending them the screen shots and video I have off it.
  11. Don't buy of this guy is a scammer.
  12. I've been waiting on him replying since Friday seen as he gave me a price, Hasn't got back yet so will be waiting ages.
  13. A bit to expensive, I have two tester's passwords from 2 old databases off servers I use to script for and from the help of www.weleakinfo.com. If you want, I'll log into game and proof, Might start accepting accounts for any reason ETC. Also got a level 2 administrator but can't get into his UCP only forum account.

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