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  1. It's cause that moderators are useless, And you do Mr Swerve. Stop trying to lie.
  2. Raif is ban evading, he is swerve any mod check PM's. Would post evidence here, but don't want know one to know how I find out.
  3. Lol talking about scams when you are a scammer yourself, please @PrettyMotherfucker or @TheOnlyDroid Ban him. He's swerve AKA cashing, constantly ban evading and scamming on multiple accounts.
  4. Please someone ban his bitch ass, We all know he's swerve AKA cashing.
  5. Yaaay , Let's find all the accounts ban evading.
  6. I heard he's cashing ban evading / swerve.
  7. Back open, Adding Miller021 to my shop to help with sales. Special Offer End's 24th of September 2019 Buy 10 or more guns, get 5 of the same gun for free! buy 20 get 10 ETC. Buy any amount of money and get half of the amount you bought for free!!!!!!!! So buy 40m and get 20m for free!!!!!!!!
  8. Thank you, I am now back have a few items in stock, Message me for details. Might do a back in business sale, Not sure :).
  9. People like.... never mind won't mention names, are coming back to scam lol.
  10. Decent guy, friendly as well would recommend him and prettymotherfucker anyday. Great service.

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