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  1. One of my methods, in b4 admins realize lol
  2. I am currently selling Los Santos Roleplay Items, These are listed below with special discounts weekly. Weapons None in stock, will add when I get some. Special offer for Money until 27/08/19 $4 per million 10 million + $3 per million 20 million + $2 per million 50 million + $1 per million Ends 27/08/2019 150 million + $0.50 per million. End's 27/08/2019 Guides Public Firearm Abuse - £5 (Had a PF for over a year, Got banned recently for a stupid idea). Ban evading - £3 (Easily ban evade, Have been doing it a while now). Applications Character applications £2 each. Public Firearm and CCW applications £3. Faction / Police ETC app's £5 with answer's to test. Special Offer Accounts I will create you new UCP's with 2 to 3 level 1 characters and 2 Million on one of the characters for £10 each.
  3. Troll hacks always fun, Love em have a few but the get u banned fast,
  4. As title says I'm looking for in character gun and drug plugs, Will pay a lot. Thank you.
  5. I sold someone a script on here a while back, they sent the money as friends and family on paypal, All went good for a week then I got notified that my balance was in the red / negative, It was due to the person saying his account was hacked and he didn't make the transaction, I refuse to pay paypal the £60 i'm negative due to completing the script and sending it to the person. I also can't use any other paypal's at the moment due to my bank details and card details being linked to the one I'm negative on and can't move them over due to getting an error that there already in use.
  6. Looking for someone that can make me fresh Ls-rp accounts with multiple characters per UCP preferable level 1 around 4 - 5 characters on each. Only paying trusted users first, if not trusted or haven't been here long you go first or we use middle man if not get to fuck. Will be a regular service due to having a static IP and not being able to ban evade on the proxys and vpns I use. Thank you. Can only pay using skrill.
  7. Has walked me through it and shown me it in game, Would recommend buying. Did it wrong at my end such a dummy.
  8. Method isn't working for me, probably doing something wrong please read PMs. Will give you a day to reply :(.
  9. Would rather recieve the source code instead of ASI.
  10. It says I don't have the right priveleges to download when I download it. You can send source code instead?
  11. Doens't let me download it from that site.

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