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  1. Welcome to BingBong Roleplay! BB-RP is a light roleplay gamemode set in Los Santos. This server takes roleplay back to basics, omitting many things implemented by modern servers that hinder gameplay. Play how you wish, from the very beginning. On BB-RP, there is not a leveling system that determines what you can or cannot do. Every player is free to choose their play style from the very beginning. Not incorporating a level system allows all players to be equally advantaged in any situation. No complicated UCP. UCP's have become a standard among many roleplay servers, but here, this is not the case. If you want to play as a new character, just make one! Its as simple as that. No longer will anyone have to bother with a useless online character management system. No lengthy application. We get it, noone wants to sit forever typing an essay to be able to play, just to have it denied. Here at BB-RP, we believe lengthy applications are a barrier to entry for many new players, or for anyone just trying to find a new RP server. Just because there is no application doesn't mean there are no rules. Administrators will punish those who do not comply with server rules. A simple script. Many roleplay servers have scripts that are extremely over complicated and restrictive. These servers make it difficult for new players, or anyone really, to easily get the hang of the game and just have fun. BB-RP features a script that only provides what is needed, without overcluttering anyone's minds. -Features- Jobs As of now, there are six jobs you can take on to start earning money: ~Arms Dealer ~Mechanic ~Drug Smuggler ~Deliverer ~Uber Driver ~Pizza Boy Businesses On BB-RP, players can apply on the forums (www.bingbong-gaming.com) to create a business for extra revenue. The types of businesses offered are: ~24/7 ~Clothing Stores ~Clubs ~Advertisement Agency ~Adult Stores ~Vehicle dealership ~Aircraft dealership ~Churches ~Gyms ~Restaurants (More to come soon) Houses Currently, there are over 50 houses available to purchase in Los Santos, with more being added frequently. Houses offer a variety of uses, including money storage and weapon storage. Houses are uniquely priced by location and are fitted with several unique interiors. Gangs On BB-RP, players can band together to form official gangs. Being in a gang allows for many new commands to be accessed by players, and many new roleplay opportunities. Gangs also are able to have a scripted gang HQ, along with a gang safe accessible by its members. -Other unique features- ~Dynamic gasoline prices ~Toy system ~Drug system ~Inventory system ~Toggle-able OOC channel ~Vehicle modifications ~You will never have to /spawn your owned vehicles, they will always be present as long as you are online ~/map gps system ~DMV driver test ~Frequent server activities ~And many more Thank you for your interest in BingBong Roleplay. We hope to see you on our Discord: https://discord.gg/ActMA5T Or on our forums: www.bingbong-gaming.com Or in-game: bingbong-gaming.com:7777

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