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  1. Did any of this occur on site? We don't deal with off site transactions.
  2. Hey, unfortunately I only accept PayPal as payment method. Sorry!
  3. Thanks! Still in business, PM to get in touch with me.
  4. Selling handwritten applications / UCP accounts for LSRP. Tired of getting denied everytime? With my service I guarantee you that you get accepted! PRICE LIST: Handwritten Character Application: $5 UCP account + character: $7 I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL, using $hustle as middleman! Contact me at: - Send me a PM Also see my other thread:
  5. Still selling guns! Send me a PM. We can use $hustle as middleman.
  6. selling one by one isn't worth it. Paypal takes fees and everytime I do that I risk of getting banned IG
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