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  1. How can I see, user which opened complaint got suspended, so I've nothing much else to say, how I see everything is clear, If you need anything else from me feel free to tell me here
  2. Selling LS-RP account level 39, it has 12 weapons on the account, gold donator, 12m of cash, for more info and screenshot of stats send me a DM
  3. http://prntscr.com/midkj3
  4. He PM'ed me on the multimart site and told me that he has 3 millions to sell, he then added me on discord and sent me picture of the stats (this) after he sent me that, I asked him why he doesn't sell more, and he said he doesn't because hhe has to sell rest to his friends, and that he doesn't has time for middleman, I asked can we use $hustle then he started shitting and on the end he blocked me, so I want to advise people to not deal with him because he is potential scammer and he attempted to scam me for $15 USD
  5. I don't have any other proof, I guess, xxjanxx has it, as well as @Panda Hacker
  6. I PM-ed him about his account, he sent me picture of Taariq's property, 1st picture is Taariq's, he just cropped it ( that proves how much stupid he is ) 2nd picture is also from some random guy, not his, I want to advice people to not DEAL with this guy, he uses strange photos and he is a liar and a scammer, he already scammed two guys, and he tried to scam me. https://imgur.com/a/bOSE5Wv Compare 1st picture up and this picture: https://imgur.com/a/0xlP8hK Means that he used picture stats from other members which posted it public, also I want to say to sellers such is Taariq, don't post picture of guns or ingame picture of stats or whatever else, and to the other guy, because scammers can use it to scam people, also want to advice other sellers to NOT post their ingame pictures in public because as I said, they can be ABUSED and some random paki can scam ppl so easy just like this fag. @$hustle @TheOnlyDroid @Husky
  7. Vouch, he sold me couple of weapons for the second time and he is trusted

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