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  1. Providence Roleplay, we are looking for LSPD Leader, LSFMD Leader, FBI Leader and HMA Leader. Looking for helpers and admins aswell. https://discord.gg/tR7CdE7
  2. Approximately one month ago, two individuals, including myself, began working on a discord server, named The Army Base. It wasn't supposed to be any serious project, but just a fun-based discord server, with military ranks that are automatically assigned to anyone who joins the discord, starting from the Private rank. After a week had passed, we both came to a decision to start a gaming server, once again, like we did in the past. During that period of time, we had difficulties in choosing to work with either SAMP, MTA or GTA 5. It was later brought to our attention that San Andreas Multiplayer has an high population and has been in existence since day one. That was.. the beginning of.. Texas Roleplay. What do we have to offer to the public? A lot of persons have been asking themselves this question quite frequently when they see a new gaming server being released into the public.. "what makes it different from the others?" Well.. we have some awesome features that some servers may already have (that's not a doubt) and what some of them may not have. 50-60% of the systems that will be experienced in Texas Roleplay were made my myself. Description of the server Texas Roleplay originated from our former MTA Community, named Project Reality Roleplay, and majorly (not mainly) based on the state of Texas, United States of America. The mapping of buildings and faction headquarters are currently under the development phase, which means the server is currently locked and is undergoing a beta version. Most of the awesome features are already implemented but before we share the IP Address and forum url to the public, we chose to give it a few more days for our beta testers to check for any possible bugs and/or glitches that they may have, and can ruin your experience here. Are we in need of staff members? This question has been asked a lot of times in the past. Yes, yes we are in need of staff members. We're not gonna' compare ourselves to other communities and limit ourselves to a certain amount of staff members. If you have the knowledge of what it takes to be an admin or moderator and you're positive enough that you'll be able to maneuver tasks that are assigned to you, then you're IN! whereas, if you don't have an adequate amount of knowledge or you don't have any knowledge a tol, don't worry, you're IN as well! We're all human beings and everything takes time to learn new things. We all started off as normal players, and that's a fact. Contact Joker#9818 (this is my discord) when you're in the discord server if you're interested in becoming a staff member. Contact Information Since I mentioned that this community was recently introduced to the public, it's not expected to have a HUGE amount of players or participants. We have a discord server: Join it by using this link: https://discord.gg/HvUUSSE/ Our forums are up and running but not released to the public, as yet. It's under maintenance as you're reading this post! Hope to see you there! Regards, Texas Roleplay Staff Members.
  3. Providence Roleplay, new cool roleplay server. We need faction leaders https://discord.gg/R9wxPf https://discord.gg/R9wxPf
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