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  1. rafaello

    10m on lsrp

    Thank you $hustle, 10m still for sale, send me a message! Accepting paypal if you want to buy all 10m in bulk, which is 80$
  2. rafaello

    10m on lsrp

    And it's not about $hustle at all. I just didn't want to get 50$ on my paypal and then withdraw it and lose 35$ because of my stupid bank. That means I'd sell 7m for 15$ which I don't want to.
  3. rafaello

    10m on lsrp

  4. rafaello

    10m on lsrp

    selling 10m on lsrp 8$ a mil
  5. rafaello

    [BUYING] lsrp money

    I got 10m, hmu


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