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  1. Selling LS RP account, level 26, 1.1m in cash, 2 guns, 5 vehicles, clear admin record, part of this community for 6 years! Last admin jail was in 2016. Has around 10 ounces of Xanax, 100 strength.
  2. Selling shotgun and deagle, high ammo, both for 4$ slide in my pms
  3. yes, both unpackaged and packaged, involves 3rd party, usued it 10 times a day atleast
  4. Selling gun duplication method, you can duplicate any gun as many times as you want, I've been doing this for months and no one found out anything. selling this method only to you, which means no one else except you will know it. This offer is one time only. nothing below 55$
  5. I got 2 deagles and 2 ak47s, 2 mp5s selling everything listed above for 20$ or individually using the normal price which is shown. Discount if buying more than 4 guns. 2$ per deagle 3$ mp5 5$ per ak47 I also got 1,500,000$ left in cash, selling it for 10$
  6. Thank you. Proof of our transaction can be shown. I don't scam anyone. Guns are still available.
  7. will use a middleman if you request it, not paying th fees
  8. I got u 11m on lsrp for cheap, pm me
  9. Also got 3m for 30$
  10. 8 shotties, 6 deagles, m4, 2mp5 and rifle with high ammo, all for 70$
  11. 17m has been sold. I got 7m left, 70$ for it.
  12. I can sell you 7m for 70$
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