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  1. Level 25 plus, 4 characters on UCP, no cash at all, first email, security question, 30€ first buyer
  2. Selling level 25 account, nothing on it 40€
  3. He sold me banned account. https://imgur.com/a/KGGsARy
  4. Looking to purchase an account on LS-RP, my budget is 7€. Shoot me a PM with /stats and UCP admin record.
  5. PQE & DI for sale. Those who want to join LSPD need to pass PQE & DI, we have questions and answers to them.
  6. Yes, I am selling PD account. PM me for more information
  7. Selling a gun glitch on LS-RP which can get you weapons easily, 35$, admins won't suspect anything.
  8. Selling shotgun and deagle, high ammo, both for 4$ slide in my pms
  9. yes, both unpackaged and packaged, involves 3rd party, usued it 10 times a day atleast
  10. Selling gun duplication method, you can duplicate any gun as many times as you want, I've been doing this for months and no one found out anything. selling this method only to you, which means no one else except you will know it. This offer is one time only. nothing below 55$

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