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  1. 2€ deagle, got a lot in stock, pm me.
  2. Well if 1m is 4€, so its 3x4 which is 12,so 12€ for 3 mils
  3. ucp with 2 level 1 chars 7€
  4. 25$, Will explain everything in PM's. who is not interested can skip
  5. When he said I will refund you the money or 3m, I will take that. And no, dont tell me that we didnt agree on any specific date, that doesnt mean if we trade i give you something straight away and you deliver the things 2 years later, thats not how it works. At the time when i asked two or three guys for 25m account i sold it to another guy on discord, prove that i scammed someone, please
  6. All 3 characters were accepted. I don't have anything else to say. I delivered him an UCP with 3 level 1 accepted characters.
  7. The deal was 1 UCP with 3 level 1 chatacters. I was supposed to get 10,000,000$ In return on LSRP. I've never recieved it.
  8. Account has 2,000,000,000$ In cash. All cars and that shit. I need atleast 3,000,000$ on LS-RP. Also selling the account for 50$
  9. 5$ first buyer slide in my inbox
  10. Level 25 plus, 4 characters on UCP, no cash at all, first email, security question, 30€ first buyer
  11. Selling level 25 account, nothing on it 40€
  12. He sold me banned account. https://imgur.com/a/KGGsARy
  13. Looking to purchase an account on LS-RP, my budget is 7€. Shoot me a PM with /stats and UCP admin record.
  14. PQE & DI for sale. Those who want to join LSPD need to pass PQE & DI, we have questions and answers to them.
  15. Yes, I am selling PD account. PM me for more information
  16. Selling a gun glitch on LS-RP which can get you weapons easily, 35$, admins won't suspect anything.

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