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  1. I bought 10 millions IG for LSRP. After I gave the money, he told me that his Paypal was “locked” after I gave HIM the money. I was like um okay? Why didn’t you tell me before? But I respected it, and waited for a couple of days. He said that he will refund the money after he receives it. Then he received it and then I told him: “Yo could you refund it then?” And still to this day I didnt get a single responds back. I messaged him multiple times, but nope! Still nothing. So folks, buy nothing for him. Because you will pay for something that you won’t even get! Greed, if you see this: Please refund my money back or just give my LSRP money. That’s all I ASK.
  2. I need 2m. PM me a good price.
  3. Hi, I'm looking to buy some LS-RP accounts and/or IG money. PM what you have and give me a good price! Sincerely, Lord.
  4. Hi, I'm in need of LSRP account(s) and/or IG money. PM me what you have and your price. Sincerely, Lord.
  5. Hi, I'm in need of LSRP account(s). PM me what you have and your price. Sincerely, Lord.

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