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  1. Lsrcr (Los Santos Roleplay Cops and Robbers) is a San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP) game server. This is a brief tutorial instructing you how to join the server. 1. Get GTA San Andreas 1.1. Install Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on your computer from a source of your liking. This could be for instance Steam or installation DVD. Note: If you are using Steam version of GTA San Andreas, you need to download a crack and copy it to your GTA installation folder. 2. Download and install SA-MP 2.1. Download the latest version of SA-MP from SA-MP team 2.2. Install SA-MP 2.3. Execute the installer file (sa-mp-0.3z-install.exe) 2.4. If UAC promts for permissions to install the program, click allow 2.5. Read the License Agreement and click "I agree" 2.6. Choose the GTA SA installation directory. If you did not alter the settings while installing GTA SA, the default value is fine. Otherwise you need to locate your gtasa.exe and select the containing folder. Steam users need to aquire a crack (gtasa.exe) in order to install and play SA-MP. 2.7. The installer will install SA-MP. Once it's finished, click "Finish" 3. Add Ls-rcr to your favourites 3.1. Click the "Add server" button 3.2. Enter the IP of our SA-MP server (play.ls-rcr.com) 4. Connect 4.1. Click the green icon to instantly connect 4.2. Or double click the server's name and click "Connect"

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