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  1. @Relco Sold 4 mils to this guy! Smooth transaction.
  2. 4 mils left in stock! Will have more soon.
  3. Ty! We always appreciate buyers that keep annonimity and don't cause problems to sellers!
  4. 20 mils for sale right now and more to come!! Special offer, I want to sell in bulk so I minimize risks! 120$ for everything (6$ a mil)
  5. Sold all the weaponry! Will restock soon!
  6. @The Plug really good deals with this guy. Still selling money for those interested.
  7. Another fast and easy deal with this guy today! ++ rep
  8. People that are waiting reply/pm dont think wrong of myself, i m trying to protect both you and me and waiting on $husler response! I m selling in bulk without him but if i m to be banned i wanna make cash, thats how it goes. I m not a professional seller, i just want to get rid of it, my work over the past 2 years!
  9. 20 mil for sale right now! Buy it all for €7 each and get 10 guns for free!!!
  10. Let's work it out then, homie. ^^
  11. smooth dealing with this guy. Also knows his stuff so you're protected.
  12. That's true, but buyers need more protection than the seller. If we can reach an agreement we can do half-half, or if you're buying 5-10-15 mils at once, I can cover that. Also waiting on $Hus to respond, see if he can be middleman. @Calamarry 20$
  13. Selling around 15 mils and 20-40 packaged guns on ls rp. We only go through $hustle as middle man and you pay for his services. Mil goes for 8$ and for guns, 2€ dgl 3€shotgun €2 armor €3 Tec/Uzi 2€colt. Mp5s sold, sorry. Might restock soon.

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