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  1. I guess I'm back in business. Over 100+ individual deals with a 0% ban rate. We're constantly updating our methods to provide you with the best safety. I'll be doing deals throughout the next few days. Stay tuned.
  2. Whenever duping weapons is the topic, Panda's name is involved in the conversation. It's probably best to stop the bragging. Not that it's a bad thing, it just puts your customers at risk.
  3. dropping a vouch for swerve, he knows what he's doing anybody dealing with him is in safe hands
  4. No customers of mine have ever been banned through dealing with me. None ever will.
  5. Boston's deals are gonna put me out of business. Vouch again.
  6. I only sell guns. Back active and in business. Let me know if you need anything.
  7. Mostly out of town for a couple days, but go see my boy @boston george for anything you need.
  8. This is my brother. If you've dealt with me and enjoyed my service, you're safe with him. Big vouch.
  9. That's why you deal with people that know what they're doing. No sweat at all. Still selling and providing a 100% safe service.
  10. We're back again. We've come back with increased stock, more weapon choices and cheaper prices. We're still roleplaying deals to our fullest extent to avoid admin attention. We still have a 0% ban rate. Not a single customer has faced problems after buying from us. Huge shoutout to @PrettyMotherfucker.

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