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  1. That's why you deal with people that know what they're doing. No sweat at all. Still selling and providing a 100% safe service.
  2. We're back again. We've come back with increased stock, more weapon choices and cheaper prices. We're still roleplaying deals to our fullest extent to avoid admin attention. We still have a 0% ban rate. Not a single customer has faced problems after buying from us. Huge shoutout to @PrettyMotherfucker.
  3. Brand new weapons to be added later today. We'll now stock TECs, UZI's, M4's, Silenced Pistols, Grenades, Molotovs and Snipers.
  4. Tired of being scammed? Want a reliable seller with instant deliveries? A service with a 0% ban rate? Welcome to my store. Offering a top service for a low price. Offering; Knives = PM me Deagles - € 1.5 Shotguns - € 2 MP5s - € 2 TECs - € 2 AKs - € 4 M4s = € 4 Snipers = € 8 Terms and Conditions: 1) We are not new to this. We make sure to include sufficient roleplay to ensure maximum safety for both of us. 2) We keep track of everyone we sell to. Please don't try and chargeback. 3) There are no refunds. If something is wrong, let us know instantly. After the guns have been handed over, there is no way we can go back on it. 4) A middleman can be used at the buyers expense. This is negotiable on big orders. 5) By purchasing, you hereby agree to the terms displayed above. In partnership with Boston George. If I'm offline or simply cannot complete your order, don't be scared to hit up @PrettyMotherfucker for another trusted service.
  5. Nobody is coming close to Boston George big vouch for my boy.
  6. A big vouch. The LSRP Pablo Escobar.

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