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  1. It's not that whole "people have other priorities" bullshit. It's the staff team being shit, lead by people who don't care about the server, as long as it still rakes in money for them to use. Development is severely lacking, new things hardly get added, bug fixes take forever and more. LSRP staff is simply lacking in every department and that's truly what's driving people away.
  2. nobody's gonna sell you guns for ig money here unless it's like 1m per gun, those ooc plugs are usually good ooc friends
  3. Let me add on to that; no money right now.
  4. Sil3ntg00n

    Got it

    How much are you looking for?
  5. Been hella busy IRL, so bear with late responses to PMs you sent me. Got to all of them now, still selling anyway
  6. Not worth it. They can easily check now with the new UCP.

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