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  1. Account is from the early days of LS-RP in 2007 even before Damian came around . Yes, it's true, I discovered LS-RP very long before it was cool about a lifetime ago, and now you have the opportunity to claim to have done so too! The meat: -One character on the account close to lvl 30. About $ 5 million in bank+cash on hand in total. No savings. No weapons. - 10 vehicles worth about 10 million in dealership price in total, including a Dodo (airplane)Maverick (chopper), Marquis (sail boat), Tropic (yacht) FCR-900, Sultan. Most of the vehicles have the best locks, alarms and immobilizers, a couple of them are plain. Most have full engine and battery life. I don't remember whether vehicles are modded or not (Sultan probably is) but most should have the XMradio. - Drivers licence and pilot license. - Over 10 name changes available. - Virtually clean decade+ long admin record. No bans. I only want to sell the full account. I haven't played LS-RP in years (but last login is late 2018) and will only install gta sa and sa-mp again to check that the logins and passwords work correctly and screenshot ingame text info if this is requested. Paypal only. Middleman involved, $hustle if available. PM for further talking/offers. I want at least $60-70 for it. I currently have an offer at $50.

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