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  1. Since the script is being sold to one person only, once the script is sold, I will announce it in this section. SCRIPT & UCP IS STILL AVAILABLE.
  2. Selling an LS-RP Script attached with a UCP. [ONLY SELLING TO ONE INDIVIDUAL FOR ONE COMMUNITY / OR PROJECT] THE UCP INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED, INCLUDING CHARACTER APPLICATIONS / SETUP (YOU CAN ADD UP TO 3 CHARACTERS) - EMAIL SERVICES CAN BE SETUP IT ALSO HAS FACTIONS, VEHICLES, STATS, SKIN CHANGE, MDC, SETTINGS, ADDITIONAL UCP SECURITY AND LOTS OF OTHER THINGS (Designed like LS-RPs) There is also an ACP which has the full list of admin controls depending on their rank. (Aswell as a Tester CP) The script is attached with the UCP, everything is working to an excellent standard. This UCP & Script is quite new, will be lowering prices as much as possible. (Also offering extra services, if you need any background or colours changed on the UCP, I can do that) Contact me quickly, this is exclusive and going quick. PM me to see any images, etc. Prices can be negotiated!
  3. We can make any PAWN script you want for a cheap price, contact us!

  4. We have NEWLY made scratch-scripts! Can be used as Development Projects & for Communities


    Different Type of Gamemodes Available:

    • Freeroam,
    • Roleplay
  5. We have NEWLY made scratch-scripts! Can be used as Development Projects & for Communities (USER CONTROL PANELS CAN BE PROVIDED IF REQUESTED) Different Type of Gamemodes Available: Freeroam, Roleplay
  6. Welcome to Kepas' Coding Shop, here is a quick insight into what we can provide: Bug Fixing Gamemode & Filterscript Testing Script Creation FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ): How long does the work take to be completed? The work would take up to a couple of weeks, depending on what you have demanded. Small coding can take up to 3-4 days, whereas greater scale coding (gamemodes) can take up to weeks but we try to do it in a timely manner. 2. Do we have protection over our money? We take different steps to make sure that you are secured of what you have requested, we use PayPal to make sure all our customers are completely secure. 3. How do I know you're not going to scam me? We have already had many customers on the SA:MP Community Platform, we use PayPal to make sure the work & payment received is successful and have had no past serious complaints. Also, we take various other steps to show that the work is being done and completed; such as videos, screenshots. 4. How long have you been doing this? Personally, I have been doing this work for 1 year (selling/creating scripts). As a group, we've been doing it for a couple of months. 5. How are the prices determined? Prices are determined through the size of what the customer has requested, a gamemode from scratch would be expensive whereas a smaller system within a script wouldn't. We like to choose our prices with the agreement of the customer to make sure it is within budget range. 6. Are you the only developer? We have other developers that help out with any tasks that needs to be done for clients intending the workload is spread out. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. forgot to add if u need to contact me pls do it via pms i can show screen shots or whatever you want! payment methods done through paypal strictly and any other concerns please contact me immediately
  8. Hey, we're selling a variety of different gamemodes (mostly Roleplay) on here. Some are replicas from popular roleplay servers, but the other scripts are made from scratch meaning no one has used them and can be used for your communities! Some of these are being sold very cheap, some of these are being sold expensively. Due to the influx of customers, demand is high therefore we'll be charging more higher as more and more scripts are produced. We will be able to get screenshots and videos. Replica scripts of popular servers such as: LS-RP RC-RP etc I also have a variety of gamemodes made from scratch which no one has used, more information and screenshots can be seen if you contact me via PMs.

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