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  1. Bought 2m off him was a fast and easy trade huge vouch for sticks
  2. Have done a deal with Boston George before and it went smooth so can ask him I suppose if I’m certified
  3. Only buying from reputable sellers really if you’re account is new don’t even bother shooting me a pm, want the deal done today looking to buy 50-100 ounces and Anywhere from 10-20 guns hit me up if you’re serious and wanna make a little pocket change today
  4. EDIT: 2.7m for 15 USD if it goes right now, someone hit me up.
  5. Looking for 17-20$ for it all quitting lsrp so no need for it, need it gone today.
  6. You still buying mills, got 2.2m in cash and a house along with like 7 ounces of coke.. quitting lsrp so wanna make some money.


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