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  1. [BARP] Selling Bay Area Roleplay Money.

    Smooth transaction bruh
  2. nigga i knew u was a crack head cus u dumb asf i got 6 reputation u got 0 get yo bum ass on and spend your 10 bux
  3. Lmaoo get outta here with your fake accounts bruh u super bummy bruh just give up
  4. an dont act like u not in on it bruh lmaooo go split dem 10 bux and buy some new Walgreens jeans
  5. nigga prolly think he the biggest finnesser now LMAOOOO im so dead bum ass nigga
  6. Broke ass finesser scammed me on discord for 10 bux
  7. niggas is broke
  8. Bet bro lets get it
  9. scammed for 10 bux lol
  10. Added you on discord
  11. [4SALE] LSRP Account - Level 4/5

    I'm down bro how much you want?
  12. I will be using hustle lawyer as a middleman so if you can do it please contact him


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