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  1. Vouch He gave me underpriced MP5 along with a deagle for only 5$ USD Would suggest
  2. @PrettyMotherfucker Very reliable for guns, I'd recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good gun dealer. Vouch.
  3. I'm looking for in-game plugs right now - I need drugs ((Preferably Coke)), Guns mainly Shotguns and Desert Eagles.
  4. I got a level 3 PM me for info.
  5. It would cost a little more, but yea, just let me know how much you need farmed.
  6. I'll sell you a LSRP application that is sure to be accepted for $3. It's for sure going to get accepted on the first app, I've done it a ton of times for numerous people. If you want me to farm an account for you, it will cost you minimum of $5 depending on how much you want farmed. If you want me to make an account then farm it it'll cost extra. { I only accept PayPal. }

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