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  1. These dudes vouch themselves every thread.
  2. Can anyone vouch if the man's legit? I'm having a transaction with him real soon.
  3. Hit me up if any of y'all are interested.
  4. Any chance to increase your price? I got a UCP with 4 accounts, one level 4, 3, and two level 1's. Some got a few assets.
  5. Is anybody here playing OCRP and would like to buy/trade assets for your LSRP ones?
  6. Send me a DM if you got one, buying it right now.
  7. Spending $40 max, I will pay on bitcoin as I have no paypal.
  8. I'm buying LSRP cash, looking for around 5-20millions.
  9. Can you send me the details of the account please.
  10. Do you accept bitcoin for ig money by any chance?

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