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  1. And that's what I mean. A competent scripter wouldn't steal code and not credit the original author.
  2. The decision to drop 0.3.DL did not kill Bullworth Roleplay. It killed itself. It simply did not live up to the image it created during its Fiverr marketing campaign. How do you expect to retain players if you put out a 'bad' product? I think that very reason has contributed to the decline in the English speaking community. Nowadays its hard to find competent scripters who can produce a product that is bug free. Bay Area Roleplay and Bullworth RP are unfortunately both examples of this. Both also happily accepted money for donations packages before a final product was put out. But that's a whole different topic. San Fierro Roleplay also did pretty well for its opening too. ~90 players while using the South Central Roleplay script but was filled with bugs.

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