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  1. +Vouch+ No need of a middleman. He's a legit seller.
  2. Big Vouch to my man @PakistaniMale for his fair and cheap prices, also a reliable seller.
  3. Big vouch for this guy, good as his friend @PakistaniMale. They both provide a great service & are reliable sellers!
  4. Another big fat vouch, great guy always love doing business with you.
  5. Another big vouch for this dude, trusted, reliable and friendly seller. I can recommend him to anyone!
  6. Big and Huge vouch as my man @Big boom already said. He's a pretty good reliable seller and fast too! This is literally the best seller on this platform with fair prices! great doing business with you pal!
  7. @PrettyMotherfucker Big vouch for this legend right here. quick and reliable seller, can 100% recommend this to anyone that's looking for guns.
  8. I am interested into buying guns. What's the best way to contact @PrettyMotherfucker ?
  9. still for sale?

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