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  1. Still available, prices adjusted slightly.
  2. No guns right now sorry, only what's listed in main post
  3. SELLING GTAW MONEY PRICE LIST: $100,000 = $7 +$300,000 = $6 per 100k +$500,000 = $5 per 100k Also selling vehicles and properties - more details and prices via PM - Dealing with me means a safe and professional transaction, none of my buyers ever got banned or looked into. Rest assured we're both 100% safe - Veteran dealer on multiple servers and platforms, with vouches and positive transaction feedback proofs available on demand- Accepting PayPal OR Skrill - Currency is USD $ (Not Euro €) - Giving away extra money as a gift for every $25+ deal for free! - Can use middleman on the buyer's expense, unless it's a $50+ deal and we can split the middleman costs
  4. Selling out special price! Get $15,000,000 + 8 packaged AK's + 10 packaged M4's + 8 packaged Deagles for a limited time price of 48 USD $
  5. I recommend you to edit out some more information, blur your name out better also because I can clearly read it.
  6. Very risky, just beware
  7. Looking to purchase GTA World cash, vehicles, properties etc. Hit me up with what you got for sale and prices.

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