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  1. I think nobody is selling anything you need.
  2. Why don't you just show the details here?
  3. Big vouch @oypa7 give u ur items fast and is chill through out the process
  4. 5 bucks is the price of a acct that's level 1 and has nothing on it
  5. How much are you looking for?
  6. I just said, buy small amounts from other sellers, like 3-5M at each time.
  7. You should goto @PrettyMotherfucker or @The Plug both are trusted and will provide you a couple.
  8. Yeah, 50M is a lot like getting it right off the bat because LS-RPs warning system and they usually ask "What's this money for" I think you should try buying a little bulks every now and then.
  9. high vouch @Ultraboy just got some things off of him quick and easy.
  10. Give me a offer bud

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