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  1. Vouching for these two gentlemen they legit as they get, if you want a safe trade they're the one you go to.
  2. I recommend @swerve too for long time contracts and for a good rate.
  3. Lmao that's a big bullshit, most admins over there are incorruptible. They wouldn't risk losing their position, they've been staff in there for awhile there's no reason for them to risk their exposure just so you can sell a million for 50 cents. Quit making shit up to try and get sales for yourselves.
  4. No thanks, I'd rather stick to my current dealer. I'm comfortable getting restocked at the price I am, and my supplier is @swerve I'd rather recommend him than you, he knows his way around covering his tracks and not letting an admin pursue the trail. You seem extremely unprofessional, and one to let slip a clue for the admins to catch.
  5. Do I even look like if I've the dupe glitch? If I had that I'd lower my prices too I got a limited stock and I restock every now and then. If you want to be cocky and release the glitch then go ahead I cannot stop you lmao.
  6. It won't be long till they figure out and patch that method, if you keep on blabbering about it like that. I wouldn't recommend this guy to buy your stuff off, he's extremely unprofessional. He can't stay in his own fucking lane, has to go around wandering on other people's thread and thrash their threads. In my opinion, he poses a high risk of you getting banned.
  7. Get the fuck off my thread, kid.
  8. Do you see anybody giving two fucks about it? If you want to sell go ahead but stay off my thread.
  9. Get the fuck away from my thread don't use it to farm posts and steal sales, quit acting like a cheap whore will ya? Stay to your own posts and stop thrashing other people's posts.
  10. It's probably similar to this method:
  12. 10$ sounds about fair, I guess..
  13. Restocked recently, got a couple of millions for sale. Hit me up via PMs.
  14. SubZero

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