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  1. plugged in... as in what? Try to be more specific.
  2. Sorry I forgot to update the post I'm out of accounts right now. I'll update it when I got more.
  3. just sold the last account, currently out of stock, will update post when i get more
  4. SubZero

    Got it

    just did a deal with this dude, he's legit. vouch for him
  5. legit dude right here, bought some guns off him, deal went as smoothly as it could. vouch for him.
  6. SubZero


    off-site communications are not allowed, i'd remove the discord tag if i were you
  7. Some of the work's examples; SAMP Skins:
  8. I'm able to do skin requests for servers, if you need any skin made just PM me the details how you want it and I'll make it, and we can discuss the price over PMs.
  9. I've got some LSRP accounts for sale HMU in PMs for details. Out of stock right now
  10. account sold to @leon0
  11. You should work on your character story first. All you've to do to do that is to think up unique traits that you'd like to see in a character and portray those realistically in your character's background story. A good tip to a successful character is to make sure you list his negatives and his weaknesses too, he cannot be entirely perfect. Although if you need an application, I can write you one too. Good luck though!
  12. hello... I've got experience writing applications for factions, or the server generally or even character applications... whatever goes, if anyone's interested please contact me over PMs we can discuss the rate. The application is most likely to be accepted, if not... refund is available too. PM me for details.
  13. I'm selling a lsrp account hmu in PMs for detail, only serious buyers and no lowball offers please, thank you
  14. account sold to @myafternoonmeme i can vouch for that dude.

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