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  1. Simple, I'm looking for a house and or a garage house combo prefably in Los flores but will take a look at anywhere as well pm me
  2. Another vouch up there. Got more stuff off him yesterday WITH ADMINS ON. Smooth, no admin even pulled up. He can RP properly. He knows what hes doing
  3. Okay, So check it bud, wait till US East coast time roughly around....well...when no admins are on. Take a pf gun and stash it in a tow truck and leave it unlocked under the pier at the beach, then go with your other character DONT RP or anything just take the gun and log off and then go back to your other character and remove the tow truck.
  4. No no, I'm not actually you are scamming, I'm saying it SOUNDS like a scam..Most posters put time and effort into a post, if you would look back you'd see people created visuals etc, if your legit...put a bit more effort and you might attract more.
  5. I'm looking for tecs and uzis like the title said, PM me, reliable buyer other sellers might be able to vouch for me
  6. Bro I just got into horizon so easy no quiz nothing nigga, but I haven’t seen anyone seeking hZrp stuff here tbh good luck tho
  7. Vouch! Got the shotties wanted within 10 minutes of payment. Smooth and painless.

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