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  1. Bump, still looking, no-one has reached out to me yet.
  2. You're not getting a level 10 for $10, nor with 1 to 2 million. Just not gonna happen.
  3. The most you'll get for that is $25, lol. Upwards to $35-40 includes like at-least a million and above level 20.
  4. Looking for a permanent / consistent plug. I need at-least 10 guns every time I buy. I buy in bulk meaning at-least 10 guns or MORE! I really only fuck with packaged guns. Mostly in search of Desert Eagle's and AK's and Shotgun's Message me with your prices.
  5. My ban was revoked, yes, and I am in the process of being unbanned, and I have no way of getting my money back because I know for an absolute fact he won't refund me my money.
  6. I've messaged you, regarding the account. Please respond ASAP!
  7. I copied A$IA's format, do not get mad.
  8. I'm looking to buy a Medium End LSRP account, preferably with high level, etc. I have a budget of $40, but please be reasonable when it comes to pricing. I only deal with trusted sellers who have a reputation in this market. Things I'm looking for in the account: At least $2,000,000 in cash. Houses, cars, etc, doesn't matter. Must be at least level 20 or above.
  9. Scammer, spent $90 with no response, sent me bogus account information.
  10. Said he was selling a level 39 account, I fell for it, this being my first time using Multimart I thought it was a steal. Already setup a support ticket on PayPal. https://imgur.com/a/A7gQQQG

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