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  1. Still selling for $15
  2. Still looking to sell it for around $15, willing to use Husky as a middleman!
  3. Tippa


    Thanks cuz, Will let you know when I need a middleman!
  4. Hi, Just wanting to know how much a middleman costs roughly. Thankssss
  5. Picture of /stats?
  6. I've got about 3 people offering $15, but not responding. I'm happy to sell it for $15 and I really wanna sell it now. If you would like it, please arrange a middleman if you want and message me ASAP, i wanna sell it as soon as possible!
  7. Still selling, The UCP has 5 charecters, Level 19 and level 5, and the rest are just 1, Once again no money/cars/drugs/cars. Looking to sell it for $15, Got a CB of $11 tho, Will use a middleman if needed!
  8. Looking to trade a Level 20, and/or a level 19 HZRP account for LSRP Money
  9. $10 current bid, dm me for a pic of /stats
  10. Still selling, Looking for $10, Level 19, NO money, No guns, No cars or drugs.
  11. Vouch! fast and easy, was really helpfull!!
  12. I got a level 19, but no cash,drugs,guns,cars
  13. Forgot to add, Willing to use a middle man aswell if wished!
  14. Level 19 - No cash, cars, drugs, guns Pm if interested or if you need more info about the account!

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