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  1. I got a level 18 and Level 20 account, No money,, shoot me an offer
  2. Looking to buy some LSRP money, just a few millions or so. Willing to trade my level 18 and level 20 HZRP accounts with no cash/cars, just fresh accounts. Also willing to buy 1 million of LSRP for a $5 steam gift card and csgo skins
  3. Tippa

    Elegante's Shop!

    Was quick, easy and helped out a lot, Huge vouch
  4. Bump, Still looking to trade my level 20 and 18 HZRP accounts for LSRP cash. Or I can sell them for irl money but i prefer LSRP cash
  5. Tippa


    Thanks cuz, Will let you know when I need a middleman!
  6. Hi, Just wanting to know how much a middleman costs roughly. Thankssss
  7. Looking to trade a Level 20, and/or a level 18 HZRP account for LSRP Money
  8. Vouch! fast and easy, was really helpfull!!
  9. I got a level 19, but no cash,drugs,guns,cars

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