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  1. youre a literal scumbag, takes stuff and pretends never got them. fuck off my thread
  2. -Today's offer- Purchase ten M4's, get 5 mp5's for free. Purchase 10 mp5's, get 5 deagles for free.
  3. yes yes, out of nowhere when I asked him to let me use a middleman. The current bid jumped to 380$. what a shame lol
  4. Highly suspicious, thread's been up not even a single PROPER vouch. Beware of these new vouches.
  5. Thanks to all of you for being patient, deals have resumed now. Something very unfortunate was stopping us from making the deal. If you haven't received your guns yet, PM me.
  6. Your feedback is always appreciated, I'd like to hear more from you in PMs.
  7. watchout, lsrp admin right there. Talked to him for straight 40 mins and got to know its an lsrp admin. Started to know my ways how i'll give him the weapons, wanted to buy 10 guns then wants to buy 1 gun. Makes 0 sense, whoever deals do it with caution
  8. You get to buy accounts here on this topic, All the transactions are safe and you are allowed to use a middleman from your own pocket. Why buy from me? - You get complete access of accounts. - All transactions are safe, no chance of getting banned as most accounts are fresh. Brand new UCP with complete access and two characters: $10 Brand new UCP with complete access and one character: $5 UCP, level 6, Sultan, Buffalo, Voodoo, Cash, 8 guns: $20
  9. I've been on vacations, I'm back and i'm dropping the following things for sale. Vehicles: Emperor, RC van, Towtruck, Faggios(2x). Money: 100k. Admin record: No admin record in years. Level: 5 Full access, secret word, email passwords and what not. Price is just 10$ Guns: M4/AK: $4 Deagle/shotgun: $2 Sniper: $6 SMGs:$3
  10. Easily detectable. Good luck having one static gpci to your preference. You can also probably once end up with same GPCI as someone else, fucking your own account. (FYI: Server's like LSRP and famous one's log connections, the IP and GPCI both. Anyone who sees suspicious activity and changing GPCI's will ban for IT or think that you are giving your account to someone)

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